Senior Bowl Day 1 Monday

Not sure if I should really call this Day 1 or just check-in time. Although there was a pre-dinner Press Conference with a few introductory comments by Director Phil Savage. Phil explained that despite the plethora of “drop-outs” from the original acceptances list it was really not more than in many recent years. Bowl injuries that still require… Read More »


As always there seems to be a performance dichotomy between practice and game-day performances below is my All-Star team based on actual in-game performance. Please also remember that some practice warriors never go to perform in the actual game because of injuries or other circumstances. QB NIC SHIMONEK #16 TEXAS TECH RB PHILLIP LINDSAY #23 COLORADO WR JEF… Read More »

2018 SHRINE GAME All-Practice Team

Below is my All-Practice team for this year’s Shrine Game. These are the 22 (actually 25) players who stood out to me at their positions for the week’s work in practices. I did not consider the Special Teamers since we actually see them do so little during practice time. I got extra input and help this morning from… Read More »


The last day of full practices had a lovely weather start in the morning for the East squad. Temps were in the low 50’s with a bright warm sun shining down. Wednesday is the last day of full contact practice for this game, so the intensity level is high given that it’s the last chance for some guys… Read More »

2018 SHRINE GAME Day 2 Practices

Another wonderful Florida Winter day with morning practice temps of about 55-60. But not such a great day for the East OL unit, or their coaches. I never even saw KYLE BOSCH on the field this morning. And by the end of practice both JAMAR McGLOSTER/Syracuse and CORY HELMS/South Carolina had left for medical attention. The McGloster injury… Read More »

2018 SHRINE GAME Monday Practices

On the ground again in St. Petersburg, FL for Day One of the 2018 Shrine Game practices. Because of the morning National Scouting player weigh-in, which the press is strangely barred from, both Monday practices are in the afternoon. The temps had risen to the low 60’s with mostly clear skies and warm sunshine. The EAST took the… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Bowl Edition Part 2

KEISHAWN BIERRIA #7 LB WASHINGTON 6’1/230. Because he lacks the traditional bulk of an ILB BERRIA has not gotten the credit he deserves as an active, productive IB, who plays the run effectively, and has the athleticism to handle pass coverage in the middle of the field. He has a nose for the ball and pursues from sideline… Read More »

Who’s Left to Declare for NFL Draft ?

As I was half-watching some of the pre-game filler before the College Football Championship game last night I decided to put down in writing what significant college players we were still waiting to hear from, relative to declaring for the 2018 NFL Draft. To say that list is fluid at this time of year would be an understatement… Read More »

NFL 2017 Season All-Rookie Team Final Edition

Seems like just yesterday that I presented you with my mid-season NFL All-Rookie team. It was actually about two months ago, and since then the regular season has wrapped up and it is time for the final version. This one takes into account players who went down during the season with serious injuries (which gives them an incomplete),… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Bowl Edition 1

There are times when the only value in my world for many of these earlier Bowls with .500 teams in action is that it gives me an opportunity (tongue in cheek) to look at a few prospects that fit the category of ‘good players in bad/mediocre programs’. So let’s separate a little fly-shit out of the pepper, shall… Read More »

Bowling For Dollars Final Frame

Got a trifecta of games for you to watch on New Year’s Day. These are big time Bowls with top tier teams playing, which means lots of pro prospects to watch in anticipation of the NFL Draft in 4 months. Also note that Editor Colin has the two Final Four games for you elsewhere on the site. Monday… Read More »

Bowling For Dollars December 29th 2017

Friday Dec. 29 1PM/ET ESPN BELK BOWL Charlotte, NC WAKE FOREST (7-5) by 3 VS TEXAS A&M (7-5) Another game that finds at least on of the participants in the midst of a head coaching change. The Aggies are now moving into the Jimbo Fisher era. WAKE has gone through their upheaval and this is now HC DAVE… Read More »

Bowl Watch; December 27th

INDEPENDENCE BOWL (Shreveport); SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI (8-4) vs. FLORIDA STATE (6-6) by 3; 1:30 PM ET; ESPN After a bit of debate about whether FSU’s schedule actually earned them a bowl bid at 6-6, it appears we are ready to play some football. Southern Miss has been a solid mid-major football program for decades now. Without a doubt their… Read More »

Bowling for Dollars Part 3

We’re getting warmed up for the legit Holiday Bowl schedule, which I happen to think begins Christmas Eve. But for now let’s take a peek at games for this Saturday the 23rd. The overall talent from a Pro Prospect standpoint clearly elevates with this trio of games. Saturday Dec. 23rd NOON/ET ESPN. Birmingham Bowl, Birmingham, AL TEXAS TECH… Read More »

Bowling For Dollars; Saturday; December 16th

NEW ORLEANS BOWL; 1 PM ET; ESPN TROY (10-2) by 5 vs. NORTH TEXAS (9-4) The Troy football program has become like a basketball mid-major powerhouse in the FBS. The Trojans won 10 games in 2016 and have a chance to better that record this season with a win in this contest. QB/BRANDON SILVERS #12 has been an… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 14

DAVID BRIGHT #64 OT STANFORD 6’5/300. I don’t think this guy has gotten the credit he deserves for his all-around play out at LT for the Cardinal. Every time I watch Stanford play he impresses me with his steady work out at LT in both pass-pro and the all important run blocking in the Stanford ground and pound… Read More »

Pre-Bowl Game College Football Rankings 2017

1) CLEMSON 12-1 One slip when their QB got hurt has been forgotten with dominant play in November. Best all-around team in the country, especially on the defensive side of the ball. 2) OKLAHOMA 12-1 One early slip and a Defense which has problems against teams that pass as well their own Offense. But their Offense is just… Read More »

College Game Previews Conference Championship Weekend

Saturday Nov. 2 NOON/ET ABC AAC Championship MEMPHIS (11-1) by 5 @ CENTRAL FLORIDA/UCF (11-0) Don’t pooh-pooh this game because it’s the AAC, not the ACC. These are two good teams who both played a solid slate of regular season games to get here. Last week the UCF/USF season finale was as exciting as college football can be.… Read More »


1) WISCONSIN (12-0) If you don’t like this selection at the top then contact me if/when Ohio State beats them in the Big Ten Championship Game, and not until. 2) CLEMSON (11-1) 3) OKLAHOMA (11-1) 4) AUBURN (10-2) 5) OHIO STATE (10-2) 6) ALABAMA (11-1) 7) MIAMI (F) (10-1) 8) GEORGIA (11-1) 9) SOUTHERN CAL (10-2) 10) CENTRAL… Read More »


TREVOR DARLING #73 OG MIAMI (F) 6’4/300 I always give props to players who sacrifice for the good of their team. Mark down DARLING as one of those guys, having played out at LT for a couple of years, and doing a solid job for the rising ‘Canes program. But for as solid as he was out on… Read More »

College Football Preview Week 13

Uncle Colin is previewing the Iron Bowl or you this week so let’s take a look at some other games of major interest to Pigskin Paul and hopefully you as well. FRIDAY NOV. 24 3:30/ET ABC SOUTH FLORIDA (9-1) @ CENTRAL FLORIDA (10-0) by 9 For those of you still wondering what’s wrong with perennial powers FSU &… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 12

ZACH ALLEN #2 DE BOSTON COLLEGE 6’5/275 JR At first I was highly disappointed to learn that HAROLD LANDRY/ER was still injured and being held out of the game against UCONN. After a bit of sulking I realized that it would give me a chance to watch a contest in which ALLEN would need to step up and… Read More »

Pigskin’s NFL Mid-Season All-Rookie Team

As another measure of how well players from last Spring’s draft class are playing I present a mid-season All-Rookie team. There are extra players at certain positions primarily because some have played too well not to be included. I would also note that this group will see some changes by the time we publish a final All-Rookie team… Read More »

College Game Previews Week 12

In all honesty there are a bunch of games this weekend tHat should be embarrassing to the top ranked teams playing in them, like Alabama hosting Mercer. But there are also some important games that create some interesting matchups. Here are the four I am watching and why. MICHIGAN (8-2) @ WISCONSIN (10-0) by 3 Saturday NOON/ET FOX… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 11

BRIAN ALLEN OC #65 MICHIGAN STATE 6’2/305 Being a solid college player does not necessarily mean the pro game is in a player’s future. Size, athleticism, etc. often end up derailing pro aspirations for dozens of solid players each season. And then there are the guys who play well in college, don’t quite measure up athletically, and yet… Read More »