Who Caught My Eye Week 3, 2021

Let’s see here… Southern Cal fired respected Coach Clay Helton a week ago. And the Football Gods have responded, and with a vengeance. Starting QB KEDON SLOVIS went down to a serious injury against Washington State. He was replaced by true frosh JAXSON DART, who had a great game against Washington State. This story sounds eerily familiar for… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 2, 2021

I want to flash back one week to start this week’s edition of WCME. I ran out of time last week, and did not have enough time to watch my recording of the Nevada/Cal game from Week 1 action. I have since watched it, and felt like I needed to flash back and give my impressions from watching… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 1, 2021

The college football season has truly begun, after a “fake” start the final weekend of August. We were presented with a full slate of games, with some high powered matchups. There were plenty of upsets, and even more close calls for highly ranked teams. Expectations are that we will be watching a plethora of legit NFL candidates in… Read More »

NFL Power Rankings 2021 Training Camp

I am skipping to my highest ranked teams, who seem to be sure shots to battle deep into the Play-Offs next January/February. You might ask, and rightfully so, what happened to teams 7-24? As I did my initial roster perusals looking for plusses and minuses, it became clear to me that there is a huge cluster of teams… Read More »

NFL Power Rankings 2021 Preliminary/Training Camp

It’s never too early to look at how teams stack up competitively, even at the start of Training Camps.  This is the time of year when optimism reigns supreme for most fans, but for others the bad news has already started, ala injury issues for MICHAEL THOMAS/SAINTS and CARSON WENTZ/COLTS. But let’s take the big picture into account… Read More »

DRAFT Review 2021 AFC West

And last, but not least, we look at the AFC West, with young star QB PATRICK MAHOMES. The CHIEFS took it on the chin in the Super Bowl, trying to repeat their 2020 title there. But their OL let them down and cagey vet  TOM BRADY took apart the CHIEFS secondary. The CHARGERS, led by star Rookie QB… Read More »

DRAFT Reviews 2021 NFC West

Let’s head West for the NFC Division with the CARDINALS, RAMS, 49’ERS, and SEA HAWKS. It was a strange 3 days for these teams in general. The 4 teams combined for only 27 Picks overall. The SEA HAWKS, thanks primarily to credit card trades to bolster their 2020 roster, were left with a measly 3 Picks, the fewest… Read More »


This group of teams has historically been one of the most Draft-centric in the NFL. In general, they hoard their Picks and look to accumulate extras through the loss of Salary Cap unfriendly vets. The BROWNS have probably deviated the most from this route, in good part due to all the changes in GM’s and Head Coaches in… Read More »

Draft Review 2021 NFC North

When the 2021 regular season rolls around, we could be looking at 3 of the 4 teams in this division under a new QB. DA BEARS drafted JUSTIN FIELDS/Ohio State, and cut MITCH TRUBISKY outright. The LIONS traded MATTHEW STAFFORD for JARED GOFF, kinda. And AARON RODGERS says he is done in Green Bay. COUSINS for the VIKES… Read More »


Not exactly the strongest division in the League, and the power structure within has changed dramatically in the last couple of years. The JAGUARS seem to have hope under the leadership of URBAN MEYER and with this year’s Draft Class. The TEXANS are headed the other direction with a disgruntled star QB, and you forgot that AARON RODGERS… Read More »

Draft Review 2021 NFC South

Herein resides the Super Bowl champion BUCCANEERS, led by TOM BRADY. Things went quite well in 2020, so the team wisely brought back all of it’s starters for another go round. On the other hand, the SAINTS, who have been all-in for several years to make a Super Bowl run, have hit the wall. DREW BREES has officially… Read More »

Draft Review 2021 AFC East

The AFC East was a most interesting display of differentiated thinking relative to the importance of the Draft in building/maintaining your team in the NFL. So let’s compare how these four teams chose to address their needs in the 2021 Draft. PATRIOTS    The team, and especially ROBERT KRAFT’s checkbook, did the heavy lifting this Spring, but most… Read More »

Draft Review 2021 NFC East

Let’s get to it. How did teams do in adding talent to their roster thru the 2021 NFL Draft. No grades… you should know by now that I don’t like that concept. However, I would be glad to tell you what I thought teams had, and had not, accomplished for that weekend a month ago. Let’s start with… Read More »

Draft Thoughts Upon Further Review

As the bard, William Shakespeare put it… “every eye forms its own beauty”.  And in analyzing how NFL teams have done in putting together their 2021 Draft Classes, that axiom is clearly true. Amidst all the smoke, and likely fire, of the pending AARON RODGERS/GREEN BAY PACKERS divorce, most analysts were quick to slap a C on the… Read More »

Draft Thots 2021 NFL Post Pandemic

The NFL is planning on forging ahead in a “somewhat normal” America as millions of citizens continue to receive shots of vaccine, and even the CDC shows optimism of reaching a herd immunity status for a large majority of U.S. residents. Many teams are already announcing tentative plans for full game attendance in September. However, NFL teams are… Read More »

Pigskin’s 2021 Draft Thots Random Rovings

There were some nice moments in the coverage of the Draft-extras that the NFL cooked up. It had to happen eventually, but it was still kinda cool when the K.C. ‘fan Pick announcers’ male component proposed to his lady. Luckily, she said yes, at least on camera. Then they did a nice job of swapping spit in a… Read More »


Once the NFL got done with all their BS pre-Draft “junk” TV, the teams got down to business with some drama, and some surprising results. For those of us that have said for the past month that we like MAC JONES, but not at the 3rd Pick in the whole Draft, it didn’t take long to be vindicated.… Read More »


ROUND ONE JAGUARS      TREVOR LAWRENCE   QB   Clemson      All the second guessing is simply bullshit. This guy is the best QB prospect since ANDREW LUCK. JETS       ZACK  WILSON    QB   BYU      A golden boy look, with STEVE YOUNG to his game. Now help him develop, JETS. 49’ERS… Read More »



2021 NFL DRAFT Team Mocks AFC North

And finally we get around to the AFC North, and home of LAMAR JACKSON. Can the RAVENS draft enough talent to help get this team over the Play-Off hump and into the Super Bowl with a scrambling QB like JACKSON? That is starting to become a question already. Will JOE BURROW be back and at full health in… Read More »

2021 NFL DRAFT Team Mocks NFC North

Welcome to Mr. RODGERS neighborhood. The reigning NFL MVP is still looking for that elusive second Super Bowl ring. None of his division opponents have done much to close the gap, at least for the time being. They all won some, lost some in the VFA ring, while the Pack sat things out because of looming Salary Cap… Read More »

2021 NFL DRAFT Team Mocks AFC South

This is the division which contains the most woeful team in the NFL from last season. That would be the JAGUARS, which means this division will add the consensus best overall player in this Draft in TREVOR LAWRENCE/QB, once the Draft gets underway. With football sage URBAN MEYER now at the helm, this team has a solid chance… Read More »

2021 NFL DRAFT Team Mocks NFC South

The Champion BUCS reside here.  And they intend to repeat that title as you might have noticed with their re-signing splurge. But nevertheless, the remainder of the division is determined to put up a fight. And those teams all have major holes to fill in quality personnel. With SAM DARNOLD now in Carolina, don’t look for the Panthers… Read More »

2021 NFL DRAFT Team Mocks AFC EastB

We move along to the “other” team greatly affected by the TOM BRADY move to Tampa, which of course would be the PATRIOTS. For the first time in forever they were not the AFC East champs, and the top dog for the division was the 13-Win BILLS from upstate New York. Right now, the BILLS have the top… Read More »

2021 NFL Draft Team Mocks NFC East

One of, if not the, “dud” divisions in the league for the 2020 NFL season. It looked for all the world like no one would ever step up to claim the Division Title and a trip to the Play-Offs. The team with no real name finally captured the dubious distinction of prevailing with a sub-.500, 7-9 record. Changes… Read More »