It is draft day

April 29, 2021

IT IS DRAFT DAY!!! … Where is everyone?? Of course the actual draft doesn’t get underway for several hours with the first picks scheduled to come off the board a little after 8 PM ET later this evening. As usual, coverage will be provided by ESPN and the NFL Network with ABC simulcasting ESPN’s coverage. And with so many good players available in this year’s draft class, it promises to be a very interesting weekend. Also, we’ll be providing our usual coverage as we’ll be tracking and commenting on all the picks and trades. We’ll also be maintaining an updated Big Board listing the top remaining players throughout the draft. You can also follow GBN Associate Editor Pigskin Paul Guillemette’s running commentary on twitter. Meanwhile, I’ll be joining old friends John Dodds and Tom Pipines on their Packer podcast for this evening’s full first round. Enjoy!! ed.

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