Top Defensive Ends – 2016 NFL Draft

Note that while the following rankings incorporate GBN staff evaluations of the respective players, the final ranking reflects as much as possible the latest intelligence on how NFL teams currently have the players graded.

* indicates underclassmen
X indicates a player has some kind of injury that could impact his final grade
O indicates a player has some kind of off-field issue that could impact his grade

Last Updated: April 24, 2016 10:38 PM

HeightWeight40-time 10-yard splitSchool
*Joey Bosa6-52694.86 1.69Ohio State
*Shaq Lawson6-2.52694.701.64Clemson
Kevin Dodd6-52774.861.70Clemson
*Noah Spence6-2.52514.801.62Eastern Kentucky (OLB)
*Emmanuel Ogbah6-42734.531.59Oklahoma State
Jonathan Bullard6-32854.931.66Florida
Shilique Calhoun6-4.52514.821.69Michigan State
Carl Nassib6-6.52774.841.62Penn State
Bronson Kaufusi6-6.52854.871.69BYU (5T)
Charles Tapper6-2.52714.591.59Oklahoma
Dean Lowry6-5.52964.871.70Northwestern
Matt Judon6-32754.731.66Grand Valley State
Ronald Blair6-22845.151.75Appalachian State
Jason Fanaika6-1.52714.921.68Utah
James Cowser6-32484.821.69Southern Utah
Romeo Okwara6-4.52654.901.77Notre Dame
DJ Pettway6-22654.991.69Alabama
Drew Ott6-42774.85Iowa (X)
*Ron Thompson6-3 2534.921.70Syracuse
Theiren Cochran6-52604.82Minnesota
Ugonnua Awuruonye6-52554.95Campbell
Giorgio Newberry6-5.52854.941.74Florida State
Sterling Bailey6-42855.231.82Georgia
Jimmy Bean6-5 2644.87Oklahoma State
Mehdi Abdesmad6-62845.101.74Boston College (5T)
Greg Townsend6-32754.85Southern California
Silverberry Mouhan6-32554.86Cincinnati
Branden Jackson6-3.52735.061.75Texas Tech
Aziz Shittu6-32855.35Stanford (DT/5T)
Devonte Lambert6-1.52784.90Auburn
LaMichael Fanning6-62854.90Jacksonville State
Mike Rose6-32804.70North Carolina State
Terrell Lathan6-3.52924.85TCU
David Onyemata6-33005.06Manitoba (Can)
Ufomba Kamulu6-5.52914.90Miami (5T)
Ishaq Williams6-42534.85Notre Dame (O)
Vontarrius Dora 6-32655.10Louisiana Tech
Ryan Brown6-52654.85Mississippi State
Josh Dawson6-32754.82Georgia
Josh Gordon6-12604.80Minnesota State
Eric Lee6-32554.60South Florida
Shaneil Jenkins6-32814.85Shepherd
Shawn Oakman6-7.52874.961.74Baylor (O)
Kyle Kragen6-22454.85California