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Draft Board Team Values 2022 Part 2

Let’s highlight another 4 teams and see how their Draft Picks and other Rookies stack up as values compared to my final prospect rankings. BALTIMORE RAVENS           11 Picks,   4 RFA Pick 14      KYLE HAMILTON    S  PP#9 Pick 25     TYLER LINDERBAUM    OC    PP#23 Pick 45  … Read More »

Draft Board Team Draft Values 2022

Instead of an article featuring prospects from the USFL, I am headed back to the 2022 NFL Draft. I am going to rate, not grade, some team Drafts based on who they picked and signed relative to my pre-Draft player rankings. So below you will see columns for Picks, player/position, my rank. Since my last ranked player was… Read More »

DRAFT Review 2021 AFC West

And last, but not least, we look at the AFC West, with young star QB PATRICK MAHOMES. The CHIEFS took it on the chin in the Super Bowl, trying to repeat their 2020 title there. But their OL let them down and cagey vet  TOM BRADY took apart the CHIEFS secondary. The CHARGERS, led by star Rookie QB… Read More »

DRAFT Reviews 2021 NFC West

Let’s head West for the NFC Division with the CARDINALS, RAMS, 49’ERS, and SEA HAWKS. It was a strange 3 days for these teams in general. The 4 teams combined for only 27 Picks overall. The SEA HAWKS, thanks primarily to credit card trades to bolster their 2020 roster, were left with a measly 3 Picks, the fewest… Read More »


This group of teams has historically been one of the most Draft-centric in the NFL. In general, they hoard their Picks and look to accumulate extras through the loss of Salary Cap unfriendly vets. The BROWNS have probably deviated the most from this route, in good part due to all the changes in GM’s and Head Coaches in… Read More »

Draft Review 2021 NFC North

When the 2021 regular season rolls around, we could be looking at 3 of the 4 teams in this division under a new QB. DA BEARS drafted JUSTIN FIELDS/Ohio State, and cut MITCH TRUBISKY outright. The LIONS traded MATTHEW STAFFORD for JARED GOFF, kinda. And AARON RODGERS says he is done in Green Bay. COUSINS for the VIKES… Read More »


Not exactly the strongest division in the League, and the power structure within has changed dramatically in the last couple of years. The JAGUARS seem to have hope under the leadership of URBAN MEYER and with this year’s Draft Class. The TEXANS are headed the other direction with a disgruntled star QB, and you forgot that AARON RODGERS… Read More »

Draft Review 2021 NFC South

Herein resides the Super Bowl champion BUCCANEERS, led by TOM BRADY. Things went quite well in 2020, so the team wisely brought back all of it’s starters for another go round. On the other hand, the SAINTS, who have been all-in for several years to make a Super Bowl run, have hit the wall. DREW BREES has officially… Read More »

Draft Review 2021 AFC East

The AFC East was a most interesting display of differentiated thinking relative to the importance of the Draft in building/maintaining your team in the NFL. So let’s compare how these four teams chose to address their needs in the 2021 Draft. PATRIOTS    The team, and especially ROBERT KRAFT’s checkbook, did the heavy lifting this Spring, but most… Read More »

Draft Review 2021 NFC East

Let’s get to it. How did teams do in adding talent to their roster thru the 2021 NFL Draft. No grades… you should know by now that I don’t like that concept. However, I would be glad to tell you what I thought teams had, and had not, accomplished for that weekend a month ago. Let’s start with… Read More »

AFC West 2020 Draft synopsis

And so we reach the end of the line. The final NFL Division, which this year happens to include the reigning Super Bowl Champion CHIEFS. However, as good as they are, I don’t see them as a clear cut dominant team. The new look Las Vegas RAIDERS under GRUDEN and MAYOCK are coming up fast. The Chargers are… Read More »

NFC West 2020 Draft synopsis

The NFC West is blessed by not having any truly QB needy teams. Even the one that gets the most QB scrutiny just happens to have one that led his team to the Super Bowl last season. So in essence, we have an entire division looking to upgrade around their QB, not replace him. Now for something completely… Read More »

AFC North 2020 Draft synopsis

As usual in today’s NFL, the biggest question in this division revolves around the QB position. Can Rookie JOE BURROW turn around the recently sinking prospects of the Bengals? Will BAKER MAYFIELD rebound from a sophomore slump season under the new coaching regime of KEVIN STEFANSKI? Will the Ravens continue their reign atop the division under the leadership… Read More »

NFC North 2020 Draft synopsis

Lots of things to look at in the NFC North. Things are rather hot for the coldest weather division in the NFL. Are DA BEARS ready to move on from MITCH TRUBISKY? Did the Packers draft AARON RODGERS eventual successor? Have the Lions turned the corner at all? Exercising an NFL record 15 Picks in one draft, did… Read More »

AFC South 2020 Draft synopsis

MIKE VRABEL’s Titans are the new team to beat in this division. And after this Draft, the team that could make a big move up might be the COLTS, if only they can measure up at the QB position. So for today, let’s stick to the 2020 Draft efforts within this division. HOUSTON TEXANS     This team… Read More »

NFC South 2020 Draft synopsis

One name defines the entire Draft process in this division, and of course that name is TOM BRADY. Not only did it dictate much of the Bucs Draft, but likely influenced the thinking of their 3 other division opponents. ATLANTA FALCONS        The Falcons had some heavy work to do on their roster even before the… Read More »

AFC East 2020 Draft synopsis

The expectation is that we will finally see some shuffling and serious competition in this division. The biggest reason is the divorce between TOM BRADY and BILL BELICHICK. This leaves the Patriots in uncharted waters in this millennium. They have to find their next championship level QB. Good luck on that one. BUFFALO BILLS       The… Read More »

NFC East 2020 Draft synopsis

Let’s take a quick look at what each NFC East team did, and/or didn’t, get done during the 3 days of the 2020 NFL Draft. DALLAS COWBOYS     Ok, let’s put the brakes on the party wagon, or yacht, for a few minutes. Good Ole Boy JERRY was just beside himself with joy, maybe even giddy, when… Read More »

SEA HAWKS 2019 Draft Review

Whether you agree with the players this team selects from year to year or not, you cannot argue that their team is built primarily thru their Drafts, and they have a knack for finding players who fit their schemes. GM JOHN SCHNEIDER also seems to have a knack for wheeling and dealing throughout the process, to end up… Read More »

PANTHERS 2019 Draft Review

Let me start with the ominous warning for PANTHER fans, that everything for the present season for this franchise hinges on the medical condition of CAM NEWTON’s right shoulder/arm, and we shall see what we see in the coming month or so. As far as their April work in the Draft, I think it was a better effort… Read More »

RAMS 2019 Draft Review

The RAMS have been on a roll since their move back to Southern Cal, but despite the success, their Draft efforts are about to take on a whole new level of importance. Their lust for big name players, (which is logical, given that the area they play in craves STAR Power), has put them in a situation where… Read More »

Mini-2019 Draft Reviews

It never seems to fail that the clock ticks on and Training Camps start opening, while yours truly is still plugging along trying to manufacture 32 team Draft reviews. This edition is going to cover multiple teams, in less than detailed pick-by-pick analysis. For those of you who may express anger and frustration if your team is included… Read More »

PATRIOTS 2019 Draft Review

There are years when BILL BELICHICK seems to all but ignore the NFL Draft process, and then there are others where the entire organization rolls up its collective sleeves and squeezes every ounce of talent that they can from the process. For the second year in a row, the latter was the case in 2019. With names like… Read More »

DOLPHINS 2019 Draft Review

At first blush when I started the 2019 Draft Reviews, I had the DOLPHINS on my list of ‘don’t bother’ unless time allowed at the end of my time slot, but then I began thinking about them, and in light of the ROSEN Draft time trade, felt that they were worth discussing, albeit briefly. I’ll touch on the… Read More »

CHARGERS 2019 Draft Review

There are quite a few folks out in the football world who think the 2019 CHARGERS could be the rulers of the AFC West. All of the other teams in that division seem to be plugging up some major holes in their roster, while the CHARGERS return most of their key players. Most of their Draft Picks were… Read More »