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2021 NFL DRAFT Team Mocks AFC North

And finally we get around to the AFC North, and home of LAMAR JACKSON. Can the RAVENS draft enough talent to help get this team over the Play-Off hump and into the Super Bowl with a scrambling QB like JACKSON? That is starting to become a question already. Will JOE BURROW be back and at full health in… Read More »

2021 NFL DRAFT Team Mocks NFC North

Welcome to Mr. RODGERS neighborhood. The reigning NFL MVP is still looking for that elusive second Super Bowl ring. None of his division opponents have done much to close the gap, at least for the time being. They all won some, lost some in the VFA ring, while the Pack sat things out because of looming Salary Cap… Read More »

2021 NFL DRAFT Team Mocks AFC South

This is the division which contains the most woeful team in the NFL from last season. That would be the JAGUARS, which means this division will add the consensus best overall player in this Draft in TREVOR LAWRENCE/QB, once the Draft gets underway. With football sage URBAN MEYER now at the helm, this team has a solid chance… Read More »

2021 NFL DRAFT Team Mocks NFC South

The Champion BUCS reside here.  And they intend to repeat that title as you might have noticed with their re-signing splurge. But nevertheless, the remainder of the division is determined to put up a fight. And those teams all have major holes to fill in quality personnel. With SAM DARNOLD now in Carolina, don’t look for the Panthers… Read More »

2021 NFL DRAFT Team Mocks AFC EastB

We move along to the “other” team greatly affected by the TOM BRADY move to Tampa, which of course would be the PATRIOTS. For the first time in forever they were not the AFC East champs, and the top dog for the division was the 13-Win BILLS from upstate New York. Right now, the BILLS have the top… Read More »

2021 NFL Draft Team Mocks NFC East

One of, if not the, “dud” divisions in the league for the 2020 NFL season. It looked for all the world like no one would ever step up to claim the Division Title and a trip to the Play-Offs. The team with no real name finally captured the dubious distinction of prevailing with a sub-.500, 7-9 record. Changes… Read More »

2021 NFL Team Mocks AFC West

So now let’s flip the coin to the AFC West, and within this division we have cash buyers, so to speak. This group of 4 holds a cumulative total of 34 Picks in this year’s Draft. No big dippers here, so to speak, but everyone has been judicious in their handling of Draft Picks, and now comes the… Read More »

2021 Team Mocks NFC WEST

Especially this year, I am labeling this the Wimpy Division. No, not like the the Wimpy Kid literary craze. Wimpy, as in that rotund guy from the old Popeye Cartoons, whose philosophy in life was stated in one simple sentence, “I will gladly pay you next Tuesday for a hamburger today”. This has become the division that uses… Read More »

NFL Team Mocks 2021

It is that time of year. Actually, it was gonna be last week already, but the Free Agency period was so hectic from the start that I hit the brakes. Doesn’t make sense to do Team Mocks when you don’t have a fairly clear picture of the team depth charts. It’s still a bit of a gamble, but… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts PACKERS

Even with GM BRIAN GUTEKUNST being a bit more adventurous building and maintaining his team’s roster than his predecessor, the PACKERS are still an organization that builds primarily through the Draft. With that in mind, I am eschewing the option of trading Picks around in my Mock, but BRIAN will not be so conservative is my guess right… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts DOLPHINS

As just about everyone knows, at least those interested in the NFL Draft, the Dolphins cleared out their roster before last season started and when the smoke cleared they possessed a league leading 14 Picks. Included in that number were 6 Picks in the Top 70, where starters are supposed to come from each year. I doubt the… Read More »


As always seems to happen, the calendar has outdistanced me toward the NFL Draft finish line. So it is time to double down and condense my Team Mock articles. I am covering 4 teams  in this entry, and omitting a thousand words per team by just giving Pick info without the thumbnail info. My apologies to teams fans… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts REDSKINS

Once again, it will literally be fascinating to watch the D.C. team operate it’s Draft.  There’s a new Head Coach in town by the name of RON RIVERA. And the team is still operated under Owner DANIEL SNYDER, with BRUCE ALLEN acting as DeFacto GM. However, I have a feeling that Coach RIVERA got himself a contract with… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts JETS

The Big Apple’s second franchise approaches their first full year under GM JOE DOUGLAS. He and his “guys” will be calling Draft Day shots for the first time next week. And it is an important Draft for a team that many see as finally making progress from a talent standpoint and having a full compliment of 8 Picks… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Draft VIKINGS

The big trade of STEFON DIGGS to the Bills last month left the Vikings with a treasure trove of 12 picks in this Draft, but it also left a rather large talent hole in their WR group, which was far from being deep in the first place. I would expect at least two wideout selections from them in… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts RAIDERS

It’s going to take me a while to get used to the Raiders being in Las Vegas. After all, they are the most traveled team in the League if you count them being in Oakland on two separate occasions, with L.A. sandwiched in between. However, when it comes to the Raiders 2020 Draft, the hardest part for me… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts DA BEARS

First, a quick note that I did some minor ranking changes in my Top 400 list. So if you are checking my work closely, you might see a player today, who had a different ranking in a Mock a few days ago. Kinda crazy, just like the real Draft process. Da Bears have 7 Picks, but are without… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Draft RAMS

The Rams Draft look just got markedly different with their trade of BRANDIN COOKS to the Texans. On the one hand, it gives them another Second Round Pick, but logic would indicate that it may have to be used for a replacement wideout for COOKS. Such is the dynamic of the NFL Draft just about every year for… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Draft CHARGERS

An awful lot of folks are of the belief that the Chargers will be looking to Draft a replacement for PHILIP RIVERS, despite the wave talk by Head Coach ANTHONY LYNN that he is comfortable with TYROD TAYLOR being his starter. Kinda sounds like how the COLTS talked about BRISSETT when ANDREW LUCK retired last year. There seems… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts SEA HAWKS

It seems rather contradictory to dismiss your projections in advance of making them, but I feel like I have to do that with the Sea Hawks. And I say that out of respect for the seemingly unorthodox way the dynamic duo of JOHN SCHNEIDER and PETE CARROLL work the Draft each year. Despite some raised eyebrows around the… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts BILLS

After making the Play -Offs again last season, it looks as though the Bills are truly on the right path to being a regular contender for the Super Bowl hunt. The leadership tandem of BRANDON BEANE and SEAN McDERMOTT seems to be clicking on building a steady, improving roster. They clearly see their window of opportunity widening with… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts EAGLES

I don’t want to be overly dramatic, but based on the Eagles roster that we saw late last season, this team is in dire need of some younger talent. A talented base still exists, but in a weak NFC East division, Philly needs to retool it’s roster with more talent and more youth. And heading into the home… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Draft CARDINALS

In the course of one year, the Cardinals have gone from a lightly regarded bottom feeder, to a team back on the rise. Last year, they hired CLIFF KINGSBURY as their Head Coach, and then drafted KYLER MURRAY, the Heisman Winner from Oklahoma, with a little help from GM STEVE KEIM. Then last month, they brought in WR… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts 49’ers

It looked as though the 2020 Draft was gonna be a bit uneventful for the Super Bowl runners-up until early in the Veteran Free Agent period, when the team decided it had excess dollars invested in their stellar DL and dealt DeFOREST BUCKNER to the COLTS. In so doing they gained a second First Round Pick (#13) from… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts COWBOYS

The Cowboys have been busy this offseason getting a new Head Coach in MIKE MCCARTHY and trying to get their big stars all signed, while finding the Cap money to do so. This past week they suffered a large setback with the retirement of OC TRAVIS FREDERICK. The team has 7 Draft Picks, with 6 of them in… Read More »