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2020 Team Mock Drafts COLTS

Is this the year that the Colts roster rebuild comes to fruition and they can make a run to and thru the Play-Offs? I bet a large part of the answer to that question is how well Philip Rivers fits into the offense in Indy. Coach Reich and several assistants worked with Rivers in San Diego thus lending a comfort level to the equation. This is still a young team in many places and should be using the Draft to continue that trend. So here’s where I see them adding talent.

Round 1 Pick was traded away to obtain the 49’ers DeForest Buckner, who is a massive, quality and young DL. Top notch start to things, IMO.

Round 2, Pick 34 (PP#35)  DENZEL MIMS  WR  Baylor  6’3/206  When T.Y. HILTON was injured over the last half or so of the 2019 season, it became clear that the receiver group was neither deep nor loaded with talent as a group.  The biggest problem was the lack of a “big” weapon, once FUNCHESS was lost for the season. He’s now in Green Bay, and EBRON, a WR in TE clothes, is gone as well, both via VFA. MIMS is a long, strong receiver who has surprising speed. He’s a smooth strider, so much so that he doesn’t always look to be moving as fast as he actually is. A 4.38/40 at his size is almost in the Randy Moss neighborhood. I was even more impressed when he recorded a 6.66 3 Cone drill at the Combine. Last season at Baylor, the big guy caught 66 balls, for 1,020 yards and 12 TD’s. His length and straight line speed is an excellent compliment to the quick and explosive Hilton. After a super showing at the Senior Bowl and the Combine, MIMS is on the verge of being a first rounder.

Round 2, Pick 44 (PP#43)   TREVON DIGGS  CB/S  Alabama  6’1/205     The younger brother of WR Stefon Diggs is an excellent athlete with seemingly big time upside. That said, for a guy who last season recorded 37 T’s, 3 INT’s, and 8 PBU’s patrolling the secondary in a very talented Tide secondary, he was very coy about participating in the post-season talent shows. He passed on a Senior Bowl invite, and did not work out at the Combine. However,  most talent evaluators feel that his tape clearly shows he has the speed and mobility to play in the NFL. He may just need some extra time and pro coaching to see the field as a Rookie. The Colts could use him to aid their secondary at either CB or S, thus enhancing his potential value on their roster.

Round 3, Pick 75 (PP#80)   ADAM TRAUTMAN   TE   Dayton  6’5/251   A big guy, with big talent that played outside of D1, but was hard to miss. In 11 games last season, he caught 70 passes at 13.1 ypc, for 14 TD’s. His 4.80/40 time is actually a bit misleading. He’s not EBRON downfield, but he runs good routes and will break a few tackles after the catch. He is also a good blocker and getting better. He more than held his own during Senior Bowl week in Mobile. Though a better known name at this stage of the process, and a sure thing to be drafted, TRAUTMAN reminds me of the Colts current starting TE Jack Doyle in many ways.

Round 4, Pick 122   (PP#120)  ZACK MOSS   RB   Utah  5’9/223    Not the fastest guy in the RB prospect group (4.65), but perhaps the most versatile and polished. He enters the Draft process with 3 straight seasons of 1,000-yards plus.  He gained 1,416 yards last season at 6.0 ypc, with 15 rushing TD’s. Part of what makes him so valuable is that he is also a fine receiver. He caught 28 passes, adding another 2 TD’s to his total.  MOSS is also a dependable blocker in pass-pro. With a power packed body, he makes a solid short yardage runner. He seems always to be in a forward lean position when contacted. He should make a very solid compliment to MACK/HINES in their RB group.

Round  5, Pick 160 (PP#174)   TYLER BASS  K  GA Southern  5’10/183    Attending both the Shrine and Senior Bowl venues in January, I was able to see 4 of the top PK in the 2020 Draft class. And I will state firmly that BASS had the best combination of length and accuracy in the Kicker group at the Star Games in January. However, he will have to improve his college accuracy numbers to win a job in the NFL. I was surprised at how well he performed during Senior Bowl week. And as the saying goes, ‘nothing lasts  forever’. Thus the Colts would seem to be ready to say adios to venerable PK ADAM VINATIERI. Adam finally looked his age last season, missing way too many kicks that historically have been well within his range. I should expect that BASS would get every opportunity to win their Kicking job.

Round 6, Pick 193  (PP#198)   BRAVVION ROY    DT  Baylor   6’1/333     For many folks, hearing a big lineman referred to as a “plugger” used to be a criticism of his value. Not so much in today’s NFL. What more than a few teams have realized is that not having a big guy to plug up the middle at the line-of-scrimmage can be the first step to NOT being able to stop the run. In many cases, at the very least, it is the big boys holding up the blockers, which allows the LB group to make so many tackles. This may be an apt way to view ROY, and his presence on the field for a team like the Colts might go a long way in jamming things up front. In a limited area, ROY shows some natural quickness working in the trash. At the Shrine venue, I was a bit disappointed that though almost unmovable, he grabbed at runners between the Tackles, not quite being able to shed blockers, or knock them down quick enough for him to make a tackle. It’s worth a Pick this late to try to find that true “big body” thumper.

Round 6, Pick 197 (PP#203)    JOHN SIMPSON    OG  Clemson  6’5/330   Talk about a power OL, SIMPSON is it in this Draft. Everything about him is massive, and giant sized. His arms are 34 1/8″, with 11 1/4″ hands, and a 82 3/8″ wingspan. He recorded 34 reps in the Combine Bench Press,  which is impressive with his arm length. Now let’s be real. He is certainly not nimble afoot, but his 5.24/40 is not terrible at all for his bulk. He should be the poster boy for Andy Reid’s old description of his OL, as being a group of ‘dancing elephants’. SIMPSON should claim a spot in the Colts Jumbo Package very soon, at the very least. He was part of the anchor group for a very solid Clemson OL in recent seasons.

After Buckner and Mims, this Draft is about useful, quality depth for the COLTS.  Yes, they are that close to being a perennial Play-Off team again. And you can bet that they have the coaching staff in place to nurture some of these later Picks into useful NFL backups and specialists. This group could give Philip Rivers a lot more help than Brissett got last year from less talent overall.


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