Top Running Backs – 2016 NFL Draft

Note that while the following rankings incorporate GBN staff evaluations of the respective players, the final ranking reflects as much as possible the latest intelligence on how NFL teams currently have the players graded.

* indicates underclassmen
X indicates a player has some kind of injury that could impact his final grade
O indicates a player has some kind of off-field issue that could impact his grade

*Zeke Elliott5-11.52254.47Ohio State (X)
*Derrick Henry6-2.52474.54Alabama
Devontae Booker5-112194.55Utah (X)
Kenneth Dixon5-102154.58Louisiana Tech
*Jordan Howard5-11.52304.57Indiana (X)
*CJ Prosise6-0.52204.48Notre Dame
Kenyan Drake6-0.52104.45Alabama (X)
*Paul Perkins5-102084.54UCLA
*Alex Collins5-102174.59Arkansas
Jonathan Williams5-112304.60Arkansas (XFt)
Daniel Lasco6-02094.46California
Keith Marshall5-11.52194.31Georgia
Tyler Ervin5-9.51924.41San Jose State (KR)
*Kelvin Taylor5-102074.60Florida
Josh Ferguson5-9.51984.48Illinois
Wendell Smallwood5-10.52084.47West Virginia
Darius Jackson5-112204.40Eastern Michigan
Tre Madden6-02334.55Southern California (X)
Marshaun Coprich5-82074.47Illinois State
Aaron Green5-112034.57TCU
*Peyton Barber5-102284.64Auburn
Brandon Wilds6-0.52204.54South Carolina
DeAndre Washington5-82044.49Texas Tech
*Dwayne Washington6-02234.45Washington
Jhurell Pressley5-92004.40New Mexico
Tra Carson5-112274.55Texas A&M
Keenan Reynolds5-112054.56Navy (QB)
Jordan Canzeri5-91954.43Iowa (X)
Storm Barr-Woods5-102054.70Oregon State
Devon Johnson6-02384.65Marshall
Marteze Waller5-112104.65Fresno State
Jonathan Gray5-102154.55Texas (X)
Shad Thornton5-11.52174.75North Carolina State (O)
Ken Farrow5-102204.60Houston
Paul James5-112054.73Rutgers
Travis Green5-101954.70Bowling Green
Jacobi Green5-91954.65Richmond
Brandon Burks5-8.52084.50Troy
Don Jackson5-102054.53Nevada
Zac Brooks5-112004.45Clemson
Jaylen Walton5-81754.47Mississippi
Terron Beckham5-102254.47None

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