PIGSKIN’s 2023 NFL Draft Team Mocks JAGUARS

April 25, 2023

It wasn’t an impressive wining record for regular season play, but under the steady hand of new Head Coach DOUG PEDERSON and the emergence of QB TREVOR LAWRENCE, after a tough Rookie season in 2021 on the wrecked ship HMS URBAN MEYER, the JAGS made the Play-Offs and have the look of a rising team. Now the task is to add some talent to a solid, mostly young roster and take control of the less than fearsome AFC South.

Let’s Draft!!!

Round 1, Pick 24     JORDAN ADDISON   WR   Southern Cal   5’11/175     The team is still working on developing their receiving corps to help maximize the growth of  LAWRENCE. They acquired CALVIN RIDLEY from the Falcons upon his reinstatement from a gambling related suspension. By adding this elusive R-A-C producing quick guy  to the receiving room, it should make them 4-deep in quality wideouts.

Round 2, Pick 56    LUKE MUSGRAVE    TE    Oregon St    6’6/255      EVAN ENGRAM a VFA last year proved that PEDERSON and his staff knew what to do with an elite receiving TE. ENGRAM is back, but maybe not beyond this season. MUSGRAVE missed most of his 2022 season to injury, but looked healthy at the Senior Bowl and Combine. He can block inline, but also has what it takes to serve as a solid receiving threat as well.

Round 3, Pick 88     TANK BIGSBY     RB     Auburn   6’/210    They have some nice speed options in ETIENNE & HASTY, but BIGSBY is primarily a tough guy, between the Tackles runner, who can break out first down yardage on any carry. So much for the skill position new guys.

Round 4, Pick 121       BLAKE FREELAND    OT    BYU    6’8/305     Their IOL looks very solid and deep, but with OT TAYLOR gone in VFA the OT position is paper thin. Enter their 4th straight Offensive player to start their Draft effort. FREELAND is incredibly long and surprisingly athletic. His Combine numbers were elite for his size. He ran a 4.98/40, and added a 37″ vertical jump. If WALKER LITTLE does not fill TAYLOR’s shoes at RT Freeland might get his shot at starting there by mid-season.

Round 4, Pick 127     CAMERON YOUNG     DT     Miss State  6’3/305       Finally a defensive Pick, to add some size and depth to their DT slots. YOUNG got a bit lost in the usual logjam of SEC DL players during his college career. But the scouts noticed his steady, physical play. He should upgrade the DL room in JAX.

Round 6, Pick 185    A.J. FINLEY     S/ST    Ole Miss   6’2/200      FINLEY comes in as a seasoned vet from the Ole Miss program who played S and filled a lot of roles on Special Teams units. That’s what they will want/expect from him as a pro.

Round 6, Pick 202       HUNTER LUEPKE       FB/TE     North Dakota St     6’1/230     Chock this up as a pick to fill multiple roles for the team. He’s a bit short for full time TE duty, but as an H-B he should be very functional. He can slide to a FB spot in goal line or 3rd and short blocking roles. And he can fill in almost anywhere on Special Teams.

Round 6, Pick 208      NIC JONES    CB     Ball State    6’/190      You can never have enough DB in today’s NFL. JONES had a fine career in the MAC, and seems to locate the ball in the air with regularity.

Round 7, Pick 226       ROBERT BEAL     ER/OB     Georgia     6’4/245      BEAL was poised to get a starting job multiple times at UGA, but injuries foiled him more than once. He is a good athlete and on the chance that he left the injury bug behind him in Athens, this would be a very productive selection for the JAGS.


When a team takes care of acquiring quality starters they must turn their attention to roster depth. That is mostly what this Draft effort is about. Mission accomplished… I believe.