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What Caught My Eye: Week 6 2022 College Football

Though most of this column is devoted to College Football and the NFL Draft process, I feel I must share a few thoughts now and again about the pro game. And this week I want to start there in light of the horrendous penalties called surrounding the protection of the NFL’s QB club. The Falcons “wuz robbed” as… Read More »

What Caught My Eye 2022 Weeks 3-4-5

Hello my football friends. Hope you missed my content the past two weeks, but I also hope you weren’t worried too much. Two weeks ago I caught a flu bug at my doctor’s office that laid me out, but it was not Covid. Then, of course, last week I spent mucho time in preparation for, and in fear… Read More »

Clemson DT Bresee to sit again

Clemson DT Bresee to sit again … Clemson has confirmed that star DT Bryan Bresee, a top 5-10 prospect for the 2023 draft, will not play at Boston College on Saturday night as he continues to recover from a kidney infection that was diagnosed last week. Bresee also didn’t play this past weekend in the 5th ranked Tigers… Read More »

Draft Review 2021 NFC East

Let’s get to it. How did teams do in adding talent to their roster thru the 2021 NFL Draft. No grades… you should know by now that I don’t like that concept. However, I would be glad to tell you what I thought teams had, and had not, accomplished for that weekend a month ago. Let’s start with… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts 49’ers

It looked as though the 2020 Draft was gonna be a bit uneventful for the Super Bowl runners-up until early in the Veteran Free Agent period, when the team decided it had excess dollars invested in their stellar DL and dealt DeFOREST BUCKNER to the COLTS. In so doing they gained a second First Round Pick (#13) from… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Draft Buccaneers

The Bucs have gone from laughable losers to a hot point of interest after their signing of VFA QB Tom Brady. Their ticket website has been a hotbed of activity since the signing, despite the fact that ticket prices went up double digit percentage points immediately. The Bay Area is blazing with excitement at the improved prospects for… Read More »

Draft Pick Frenzy

The final piece of the 2020 Draft Puzzle fell into place a couple of days ago when the NFL issued a press release detailing the assignment of Compensatory Draft Picks around the League. The current, as of Thursday, CBA calls for up to 32 extra Picks to be awarded based on a formula devised by the NFL Management… Read More »

Senior Bowl 2020 Thursday Practice

I am sorry to say that it was a damp, rainy day in Mobile and practices were moved from Ladd-Peebles to the University of South Alabama practice field, which is a turf field with a roof for cover. After some initial confusion over whether the media was allowed to attend, (the public was not), things were straightened out… Read More »

SENIOR BOWL 2020 Wednesday

With temps rising in Mobile, so has the pace of the practices at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. The North squad took the field first, and I was determined to give the big hairy eyeball to S JEREMY CHINN, #22, from Southern Illinois. Most football fans are not familiar with this young man, and even fewer have actually seen him in… Read More »

UH DT Oliver blitzes pro day workout

UH DT Oliver blitzes pro day workout … If the numbers being reported are in fact correct, Houston DT Ed Oliver had an outstanding performance at the Cougars’ pro day earlier today. Running at 281 pounds, Oliver reportedly ran the 40-yard dash as low as 4.71. Even if that is a hand-timed clocking that could be as much… Read More »

PIGSKIN’s First 2018 College Football Rankings

I am going to confine my October and December rankings to a Top 15. Not enough key games in the record book yet to go for a full 25. Also please remember that I like to reward unbeaten teams in my first rankings or two, even though I may firmly believe some of them will not be worthy… Read More »

Prospects Game Preview. Week 7

Sat Oct. 13th 3:30/ET CBS GEORGIA 6-0 by 4 @ L.S.U. 5-1 Bad news for LSU fans, but coming off a disappointing road loss to Florida, they return home to face the undefeated Bulldogs. And it looks for all the world to me that LSU will come out of this with a two game losing streak under their… Read More »

BENGALS 2018 Team Mock Draft

I always wonder if it’s a waste of time to cover the Bengals as long as the Brown family runs the show. Hope is slim for much to change but the Draft is one of the few times there can be hope for long suffering Bengals fans. Round 1, Pick 21 RASHAAN EVANS LB ALABAMA 6’017/237 Time to… Read More »

SAINTS 2018 Mock Draft

Let’s journey down south and take a look at two teams in the NFC South. This double dip will cover the two teams I see at the top of the division in the Saints and Falcons. SAINTS 8 Picks Round 1, Pick 27 COURTLAND SUTTON WR SMU 6’033/218 What the Saints really want/need here is a big time… Read More »

VIKINGS & DA BEARS 2018 Team Mocks

With the Draft less than a week away it’s time for a double-dip today from the NFC North: the defending North Champ VIKINGS and the bottom feeding BEARS. DA BEARS look to still be a couple of years away from contention and need some new starting talent. The VIKES look like the team to battle it out with… Read More »

BROWNS 2018 Team Mock

When you own two of the top 4 Picks in the NFL Draft, have a new GM calling the shots and that GM goes into cliche’ mode refusing to disclose which prospects he luvs the most, it creates quite a dilemma for Draftniks and football fans in general. So let Pigskin put your mind at ease and tell… Read More »

JETS 2018 Team Mock

The JETS once had a high count of Picks for this Draft, but went all-in on the QB frenzy and traded up into the third spot for their QB of the present and future.So who do they get… Round 1, Pick 3 SAM DARNOLD QB SOUTHERN CAL 6’033/221 As always happens when a star player actually gets into… Read More »

STEELERS 2017 Team Mock

One of the NFL’s steadiest franchises over the past four decades always needs some immediate help though the Draft and a few more guys with solid potential pro careers. The Rooney family is in it’s third generation of leadership and there is no indication that management styles are changing any time soon. Expect a thoughtful, conservative approach next… Read More »

COWBOYS 2018 Mock Draft

Despite the Jerry Jones propaganda machine, the Cowboys have a lot of holes to fill if they are to pose a serious threat to the Eagles for the NFC East crown in 2018. The cutting of Dez Bryant creates one more hole near the top of their roster, but his contract became untenable against the Salary Cap. Round… Read More »


Like an awful lot of teams around the NFL the Chiefs are a little tough to project for 2018 with John Dorsey gone, and for all intents and purposes the team now almost totally in the hands of ANDY REID. We shall see how Andy does, but for now here are my Picks for them. Don’t forget that… Read More »


The Packers have the most picks of any team in the League this year. It irks me that you might never know it for how little attention and mention they get at NFL Network on their Path to the Draft program. I guess little Green Bay just isn’t sexy enough for NFLN. I would expect that new GM… Read More »

Combine Wrap Defensive Positions

Let’s move on over to the defensive side of the line-of-scrimmage for a few profiles of some very good defensive Combine performers, who deserve more attention over the next month. I’m not sure any one performer proved more in Indy than CB/JAIRE ALEXANDER of Louisville. Going into the Combine I think many scouts felt that Alexander was right… Read More »

PIGSKIN’s Pre-Combine Mock Draft 2018

You know I’m not a big fan of doing Mock Drafts, other than by team. But in advance of the Combine, I felt it would be fun to post a Mock First Round. Please understand that I am not trying to project who teams will actually take. My picks are based upon a combination of best available and… Read More »

Post- Star Game Observations

The All-Star Draft prospect exhibition season is over. Final scores in these games are almost meaningless. Who was there and how did they perform is the meat and potatoes that we look at. So here are some post-game thoughts. Please keep in mind that rosters at these games can be very fluid as injuries occur. So some of… Read More »


I wanted to wait until I got back to my home in Florida to select my final Game All-Star team, so that I could watch the game tape at least once. Working in a radio broadcast booth does not always allow for specific player watching since the broadcast follows the ball primarily. I would also note that many… Read More »