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“Way Too Early” 2022 College Football Power Rankings

Yes, it is way too early to get a big snapshot of the FBS rankings for 2022. But then again when the editor (read the boss) requests such a piece, then the time is right. We pretty much know which guys are headed for the pros, but are still a bit away from the secondary deadline day for… Read More »

COLLEGE FOOTBALL Rankings (pre-Bowl) 12-04-2021

Here we go folks. I did these rankings late Saturday night as the Michigan game was wrapping up. I have witnesses who will verify that timing. ALABAMA    12-1    Seen this before haven’t we?! Guess I will also add that I have to vote for BRYCE YOUNG/QB as the Heisman Winner. MICHIGAN   12-1     JIM… Read More »

College Football Rankings 3.0

LSU  12-0   And only Georgia left to beat and cement their spot. Ohio State   12-0  It was close for a while, but the Fighting Harbaughs get trounced yet again. Clemson    12-0   ‘We Don’t Get No Respect’, says DABO. We’ve heard that before. Georgia   11-1    If they win this last game with LSU… Read More »

PIGSKIN’s College Football Rankings 2.0

It has been two weeks and as expected some things have changed with upsets and some big showdown games in the books. LSU   10-0    After beating Alabama in the big showdown game the top spot is theirs to keep unless they lose in a serious upset. OHIO STATE   10-0  They just keep rolling along but… Read More »

Pigskin Paul’s Initial College Football Rankings 2019

Tonight is the night that the NCAA names its first official college football rankings. So I said, why not me, too. Here are my Top 15 following Week 10 games last weekend. 1) L.S.U. 8-0 This could cement a Final Four spot for LSU if the take care of business in Tuscaloosa this Saturday, and then don’t stumble… Read More »

College Football Rankings Pre-Bowl Edition

As we head all too quickly into the 2018 season Bowl Games, I want to say that I think the Selection Committee pretty much hit the nail on the head this time around. The only thing they might have done better was shock everyone and announce an 8 team field. But in their defense they do not have… Read More »

College Rankings 4.0

Time to be a bit more critical of team performances as we head down to the final week of the regular season in D1/FBS football. 1) ALABAMA (11-0) The Citadel surprised ‘Bama by showing up and matching their scores to be tied at 17-17. Then the Crimson Tide woke up and ran away with it. This won’t work… Read More »

2018 College Football Rankings 3.0

Week 11 was pretty quiet at the top of the rankings, but to me once out of the Top 10 there was significant upheaval. With only two full weeks left for most teams in FBS action, everyone should be on the alert for a few upsets, and watching your favorite players in the Heisman race. 1) ALABAMA 10-0… Read More »

PIGSKIN’s First 2018 College Football Rankings

I am going to confine my October and December rankings to a Top 15. Not enough key games in the record book yet to go for a full 25. Also please remember that I like to reward unbeaten teams in my first rankings or two, even though I may firmly believe some of them will not be worthy… Read More »

Pre-Bowl Game College Football Rankings 2017

1) CLEMSON 12-1 One slip when their QB got hurt has been forgotten with dominant play in November. Best all-around team in the country, especially on the defensive side of the ball. 2) OKLAHOMA 12-1 One early slip and a Defense which has problems against teams that pass as well their own Offense. But their Offense is just… Read More »


1) WISCONSIN (12-0) If you don’t like this selection at the top then contact me if/when Ohio State beats them in the Big Ten Championship Game, and not until. 2) CLEMSON (11-1) 3) OKLAHOMA (11-1) 4) AUBURN (10-2) 5) OHIO STATE (10-2) 6) ALABAMA (11-1) 7) MIAMI (F) (10-1) 8) GEORGIA (11-1) 9) SOUTHERN CAL (10-2) 10) CENTRAL… Read More »

Pigskin Paul’s College Rankings November 12th

Major upsets abound every week in College Football these days. Limited scholarships, graduate transfers, injuries and more all make things dizzier at the top of the ladder than ever before. So here here are the latest rankings as we are down to the final 2-3 weeks of the regular season. 1) ALABAMA 10-0 They aren’t exactly kicking butts… Read More »

PIGSKIN PAUL’s College Football Rankings TOP 10

1) ALABAMA (7-0) The King is alive! Long live the king! 2) GEORGIA (7-0) They teased us with super frosh QB JACOB EASON last season, but now new Super Frosh JAKE FROMM is the man. Of course CHUBB/MICHEL and that D help. 3) CLEMSON (6-1) They will be right here come January as long as they can get… Read More »