Pigskin’s 2023 College Football Rankings 2.0

October 29, 2023

The college football season’s regular schedule  is 2/3 over. With everyone having concluded at least 8 scheduled games, let’s put a ranking ribbon on it. Let’s get my takes on it before the NCAA Committee posts their official first rankings list on Tuesday night.

  1. GEORGIA   8-0   They have broken in their new starters and still look like the overall Top Dawgs. How about 35 straight W’s.
  2. MICHIGAN   8-0     This sign stealing stuff looks more serious every week, but so far the team seems unaffected by it.In fact, for the time being it just reinforces the “us against the world” angle.
  3. FLORIDA STATE     8-0      This team seems to have it all going for it. I never imagined Coach NORVELL would get the program this strong, this soon.
  4. OHIO STATE     8-0    I would hope that HC RYAN DAY would be off the hot seat by now, but Buckeyes fans are spoiled and beating Michigan is a must. Stay tuned.
  5. WASHINGTON     8-0    Still undefeated but looking a bit shaky since their huge Win over Oregon. Hey, who’s in that car right behind us?
  6. OREGON   8-0     The Loss hung on them by the Huskies seems to be a huge motivator to this team. Beating UTAH in Salt Lake City was huge.
  7. ALABAMA    7-1     The ‘Bama Offense seems to be perking up a bit each week, and that Defense is very Alabama-like right now. LSU next Saturday will be their biggest challenge left.
  8. TEXAS    7-1     MR. SARKISIAN has loaded the roster and only that slip up against Oklahoma is standing in their way of a Final Four berth.
  9. NOTRE DAME   7-2   The first 2-Loss team is here because they have played the toughest schedule of the top ranked teams. And their Loss to Ohio St is on their coaching staff pretty much… 1-2-3…
  10. PENN STATE   7-1    The 1970’s Offense that HC Franklin adheres to has got to go. It’s 2023 coach! But the D is sound. They will likely lose to Michigan and fall out.
  11. SOUTHERN CAL   7-2    Lincoln Riley never put together a good D in his brief reign with the Sooners. He has not done any better on the West Coast. They would be undefeated in a flag football league.
  12. OLE MISS      7-1      LANE KIFFIN’s almost Prime-like flood of transfers is working out quite well right now, but the SEC schedule includes GEORGIA in a couple of weeks.
  13. OKLAHOMA     7-1    Did they just stub their toe in losing to KANSAS, or have they been been sleep walking since the big W over TEXAS?
  14. LOUISVILLE    7-1      I will say it again… JEFF BROHM is one heck of a football coach. Look out long term in the ACC for this team. Maybe this season.
  15. I must celebrate 2 unbeaten programs here with and “A & B”  at 15…    AIR FORCE & D1 newbie-JAMES MADISON both 8-0.

A lot of the teams above have at least one more big stumbling block team on their schedule, followed by Conference Championship games. So let’s look at this again at the end of the regular season schedule.