Top Centers – 2016 NFL Draft

Note that while the following rankings incorporate GBN staff evaluations of the respective players, the final ranking reflects as much as possible the latest intelligence on how NFL teams currently have the players graded.

* indicates underclassmen
X indicates a player has some kind of injury that could impact his final grade
O indicates a player has some kind of off-field issue that could impact his grade

Last Updated: April 23, 2016 3:26 PM

Ryan Kelly6-43115.03Alabama
Nick Martin6-42995.22Notre Dame
Max Tuerk6-52985.15Southern California (X)
*Isaac Seumalo6-3.53035.19Oregon State (OG)
Evan Boehm6-23015.33Missouri
Jack Allen6-12945.29Michigan State
Graham Glasgow6-5.53075.13Michigan
Jake Brendel6-43035.01UCLA
Kyle Friend6-12955.15Temple (OG)
Austin Blythe6-22915.36Iowa
Mike Matthews6-22905.15Texas A&M
Joey Hunt6-22955.25TCU
Sioasi Aiona6-23055.45Utah (OG)
Matt Skura6-3.53295.39Duke
Nick Kelly6-22955.25Arizona State
Marcus Henry6-2.52995.15Boise State
Trip Thurman6-33155.35Florida
Jacory Boren6-22855.35Ohio State
Ty Darlington6-23005.10Oklahoma
Robert Kugler6-32955.45Purdue
Nick Beamish6-33105.55Central Michigan
Davante Harris6-53055.25Appalachian State
Mitch Smothers6-23155.25Arkansas
Robert Booker6-33155.35Missouri State
Matt Pierson6-42955.35Oregon (OG)