Team needs post

January 11, 2022

QBs still in demand … The general consensus around the NFL these days is that 2022 is not necessarily going to be a great year to be looking for a potential elite QB at the draft. However, that probably won’t stop teams from at least kicking the tires on the top prospects at the position this year as multiple teams have major issues at QB. Indeed, we just posted what we see as the primary needs/priorities for the teams that did not make the playoffs this year, as well as that for Philadelphia, the one playoff team with with an earlier pick, and at least 5 of the 19 appear to have QB as their primary need, while several others could depending on what happens with their current guy. Note, we will be adding the playoff teams to the list as they are eliminated through the post-season. Also, because fans will often have a better feel for their particular team’s situation we would appreciate hearing from folks who feel that we have missed or overstated something related to that team. Thanks