Draft buzz: Wednesday the 17th post

April 17, 2024

Draft buzz: Wednesday the 17th … With the start of the 2024 draft now just over 8 days away and counting, there does seem to be a bit of an uptick in the noise around next week’s event. On the one hand, more than one team out there is watching and waiting for a decision from the league on any possible resolution of the allegation that Atlanta tampered with free agent QB Kirk Cousins prior to signing him away from Minnesota when the new football year kicked off in March. There has been some speculation that if the Falcons were indeed found to be guilty of the alleged  transgression, the compensation could involve them being forced to flip the 8th and 11th picks in next week’s opening round with the Vikings. Needless, to say if that were to happen it would put Minnesota in that much better position to move up into the top 5 in order to acquire a QB. For its part, the league is simply saying at this point that the investigation is ‘ongoing.’ Read more