Worst unis ever

October 11, 2015

Worst unis ever!! … We don’t usually comment on much outside the purview of the draft, but this on has kind of been rattling around our craw the past day or so since we checked in on the Georgia-Tennessee game for awhile yesterday afternoon. Great win for the Vols who finally had things go right for them at the end. At the same time, though, it harkened back to another life in an earlier time for us when we worked for years with the national statistical agency up here in Canada. Those of us in the front lines wold swear – too often with plenty of justification – that back at Bureau HQ they had a VP Responsible for Bad Ideas. Whatever, that guy appears to have moved on and gotten a job at the University of Tennessee. And yeah we get the point about ‘Smokey’ being the Vols mascot, and yeah we suppose the original Tennessee Volunteers were part of the ‘Grey’  in the Blue and the Grey, but man Tennessee’s alternate grey uniform are just plain ugly. In fact, they may not only be the ugliest unis in college football, but the ugliest in all sports period.