Who to watch post

December 1, 2022

Who to watch on college conference championship weekend … As noted in an earlier report, college football’s championship weekend has something of an odd feel to it this year. No question that two of the Power 5 title games – Southern Cal and Utah in the Pac-12 game Friday evening and the TCU-Kansas State in the Big XII contest early Saturday afternoon – both have huge implications for the national championship playoffs as both USC and TCU can pretty much book their tickets to the 4-team playoff with wins. However, the other three games – if we are going to be honest here – aren’t much more than glorified exhibition games as both Georgia and Michigan appear to be guaranteed playoff slots win or lose this weekend, while the winner isn’t going anywhere from the ACC title game. That said, here is a preview of who to watch in games folks should be watching this weekend and a few notes from games they probably shouldn’t here.