Watson ‘masseuse’ caper thickens; NFL to get involved

By | March 18, 2021

Watson ‘masseuse’ caper plot thickens; NFL getting involved … The NFL has reportedly opened an internal investigation into the growing number of allegations of abuse and sexual harassment against Houston QB DeShaun Watson. By the latest count, three women have filed different civil suits against Watson, while there are reports that there could actually be as many as nine women with such complaints. For his part, Watson claims he’s done nothing wrong and ‘will fight to clear his name’. Also note that so far these are civil suits and not criminal charges which would be a more serious issue. However, the NFL may not necessarily see the distinction if there are in fact any violations of its personal conduct policy. And how all this will impact Watson’s on-going stalemate with the Texans is anybody’s guess. Watson, one of the best young QBs in the league, told the team that he would no longer play for them because of unhappiness with the front office and wanted to be traded, while the Texans remain adamant that they won’t trade one of the best players in the league at its most important position. In the short term it is hard to imagine that the whole mess won’t impact Watson’s trade value, although at the same time it could also force Houston to rethink its resolve in not wanting to move the player. Stay tuned.