WASHINGTON 2016 Draft Review

May 15, 2016

Year two of the SCOT McCLOUGHAN era saw the team with 7 Picks to exercise, as opposed to his usually desire for double digit picks. But as expected it appears as though the team got help for some key needs, and upgraded the team’s speed and athleticism.

Round 1 JOSH DOCTSON/WR/TCU 6’3/195 4.46/40 31 7/8″A/9 7/8″H
One of my favorite players in this Draft was just to hard to pass up when he fell to them. He’s a big play guy, who I would describe as both smooth and explosive. He doesn’t possess burning speed, but he can stretch the field and has excellent hands. I think he’ll be similar in style to A.J. GREEN of the Bengals. He finds ways yo get to the end zone, 14 TD in 2015, despite missing multiple games with a wrist injury. Why a WR, you ask. Because some of their guys are getting to that scary 30-year old plateau. Combine that with his overall talent level and it was a solid pick.
Pick # 22 GBN Rank: 26 Ourlads Rank: 24 PP Rank: 19

Round 2 SU’A CRAVENS/OLB/SOUTHERN CAL 6’1/226 4.69/40 32 1/8″A/9 1/2″H
I heard many concerns expressed about the ‘tweener nature of this young man; too small for LB, too slow for S. But I thought that was the kind of athlete everyone would want in today’s pass happy NFL. He’s expressed interest in life as a S, but as soon as he sees himself as a 3 down LB all will be right with the world for him. Don’t overlook his 15 TFL in 2015. Expect him to be a versatile tool in their scheme, with increased playing time every week of the season. I luv his versatility and see him as a THOMAS DAVIS kind of standout in short order.
Pick # 53 GBN Rank: 62 Ourlads Rank: 91 PP Rank: 49

Round 3 KENDALL FULLER/CB/VIRGINIA TECH 5’11/187 4.50/40 31 1/2″A/10″H
Many felt he would be a first round pick last summer, then he basically lost his 2015 season to injury. Clearly he checked out on the “Skins medical reports. The 4th FULLER brother to head to the NFL. He has good playing speed and natural cover instincts. Expect a slow start to his career in Old D.C., but as he recovers his total knee function expect him to emerge and assume a starting CB spot. He’s just the infusion of youth their secondary needs right now.
Pick # 84 GBN Rank: 50 Ourlads Rank: 52 PP Rank: 58

Round 5 MATT IOANNIDIS/DL/TEMPLE 6’3/299 5.04/40 32 3/8″A/10 7/8″H
The SKINS have been juggling their DL unit quite a bit in recent history. MATT is not an elite athlete, but is a solid football layer, who will give it his all on every snap. He’s scheme versatile and will be used in multiple roles, in multiple packages. Has been a team Co-Captain during his college career. He keeps a low pad level and plays with a high rev motor. Should be a very nice addition to their DL rotation even if a bit high for my taste.
Pick # 152 GBN Rank: 132 Ourlads: 136 PP Rank: 223

Round 6 NATHAN SUDFELD/QB/INDIANA 6’6/234 5.04/40 32 7/8″A/10 7/8″H
Clearly JAY GRUDEN wanted a young developmental QB to work with. SUDFELD had his moments while at IU, and frankly was never blessed with a strong receiving corps to throw to. He has good arm strength, and if you looked at him in practice gear your first inclination would be to wonder if it was TOM BRADY. While in school he improved his ability to read the field and his accuracy, as evidenced by a career best 27TD/7INT ratio last season. I didn’t see this pick coming by them or for him, but he’s not the stiff some folks have intimated.
Pick # 187 GBN Rank: 193 Ourlads Rank: 206 PP Rank: 290

A heat seeking missile who has a nose for the ball, and uses his instincts to make up for his lack of speed and height. He should be a Special Teams star immediately. No one is counting on him to start inside, but the team got very good mileage out of a guy of similar build in LONDON FLETCHER for quite some time. For Round 7, this could be a very good fit and we can assume that the GM saw something he really liked on game tape.
Pick # 232 GBN Rank: 308 Ourlads Rank: 300+ PP Rank: NR

Round 7 KEITH MARSHALL/RB/GEORGIA 5’11/219 4.31/40 31 5/8″A/9 3/8″H
This is a genius pick IMO. This guy blew up the Combine athletically, especially posting the above 40-time. Before knee injuries MARSHALL was the equal of former teammate TODD GURLEY. He passed his basic medical at the Combine, but his ability to hold up under full contact is still to be determined. Let me just opine that he is the biggest risk/reward pick in the draft this year. But if he can hold up and share carries with MATT JONES this team will be tough to contain on the ground.
Pick # 242 GBN Rank: 149 Ourlads Rank: 270 PP Rank: 133

The DRAFT process is in good hands with SCOT McCLOUGHAN in Washington. This is a solid group of players who have a chance to upgrade the roster. I will be curious to see if some of his later pick “reaches” will pan out as roster contributors with time.