VIKINGS 2016 Draft Review

May 22, 2016

Since RICK SPIELMAN took over as VIKINGS GM the team has had a succession of fruitful Drafts to build their roster around. As some of us like to say, they seem to get good value at almost every pick they make. Overall, 2016’s effort appears to be no exception.

Round 1 LAQUON TREADWELL/WR/OLE MISS 6’2/220 4.65/40 9 1/2″H/33 3/8″A
Not a bad deal at all to wind up selecting the next LARRY FITZGERALD in the second half of Round 1. All he lacks is burning speed, but that has not stopped FITZ from being a probable Hall of Famer. His hand catching is off the charts and his run after catch is excellent. He is a great team leader and hard worker. His recovery from horrific leg injuries in 2014 was admirable last season. He’s great coming down with the ball in a crowd and should be a solid red zone threat. He and DIGGS may provide the VIKES with one of the best young receiving combos in the League.
Pick # 23 GBN Rank: 18 Ourlads Rank: 27 PP Rank: 13

Round 2 MACKENSIE ALEXANDER/CB/CLEMSON 5’10/190 4.47/40 9 1/8″H/31 3/8″A
More than a few folks had ALEXANDER ranked as a first rounder, but his resume’ is a bit thin, and no career INT bothers just about everyone evaluating his pro potential. But he has the speed, quickness and physical flexibility to cover receivers all over the field. He probably fits in right away in multiple sub-packages with a strong chance to start eventually. With NEWMAN listed as a possible starter, at an age closer to 40 than 30, getting another quality CB was a solid idea. MOst would say this is very good value in Round 2.
Pick # 54 GBN Rank: 29 Ourlads Rank: 15 PP Rank: 32

Round 4 WILLIE BEAVERS/OT/WESTERN MICHIGAN 6’5/321 5.28/40 10’H/34″A
BEAVERS got solid press as the 2105 wound down. Then he went to Mobile and acquitted himself quite well against the big boys. He has the feet to play inside at the highest level more so than outside. Will have a better chance to earn a starting berth eventually at OG, but may also serve as a multiple position back-up for a year or two. Once again good value for a player taken in Round 4.
Pick # 121 GBN Rank: 117 Ourlads Rank: 224 PP Rank: 106

Round 5 KENTRELL BROTHERS/LB/MISSOURI 6’0/245 4.87/40 9 3/4″H/30 3/4″A
A tackling machine who recorded a D1 season high 152 tackles in 2015. He plays faster than his 40-time. perhaps because of his nose for the ball. 2015 is likely to be CHAD GREENWAY’s final season in Minnesota, and that would open a starting competition job on the outside in 2017, which might his chance to start. For 2016 I would expect exceptional work on Special Teams coverage units, and emergency back-up duty. He has some skills dropping into coverage as evidenced by 3 PBU & 2 INT last season.
Pick # 160 GBN Rank: 70 Ourlads Rank: 106 PP Rank: 126

Round 6 MORITZ BOEHRINGER/WR/GERMANY 6’4/227 4.40/40
The question on this pick is whether or not MIKE MAYOCK really talked HC MIKE ZIMMER into drafting him, or if he’d been given a heads-up in advance to create a compelling Draft story for TV. There can be little doubt that this played well in the League offices as the NFL looks to expand it’s fan base in Europe. If the big guy can show well enough on Special Teams units to buy himself some time. Who knows how this turns out.
Pick # 180 GBN Rank: NR Ourlads Rank: NR/300+ PP Rank: NR 300+

Round 6 DAVID MORGAN/TE/UTSA 6’4/262 4.92/40 33 5/8″A/10 1/2″H
Another project, but this one we know more about. He’s a big, country strong kid who will be an immediate asset in goal line blocking situations. He has the frame and length to be an easy target for BRIDGEWATER to locate. But he has lots of work to do at route running and positioning his hands for catches. His 29 reps on the Bench Press at the Combine gives you an idea of his strength. He had a god week of practice at the SHRINE venue, but pulled a hammy and could not play in the game. Has the tools to develop into a KYLE RUDOLPH mini-me.
Pick # 188 GBN Rank: NR Ourlads Rank: 135 PP Rank: 176

Round 7 STEPHEN WEATHERLY/OLB/DE/VANDERBILT 6’4/267 4.56/40 10″H/34 1/2″A
This long tall defender has some solid, natural pass-rush ability. But IMO he lacks the bulk to play with his hand in the ground. Therefore, I see his future in the NFL being clearly defined by his ability to play standing up. He has solid edge-rush ability, but not the cat like quickness to be labeled a pure edge-rusher. His length and athleticism are tantalizing to NFL Personnel people. My gut tells me MIKE ZIMMER and his defensive staff members will find a way to use him, while they work on his LB fundamentals. Good gamble in Round 7.
Pick # 227 GBN Rank: 154 Ourlads Rank: 164 PP Rank: 159

Round 7 JAYRON KEARSE/S/CLEMSON 6’4/216 4.58/40 9 5/8″H/34 1/4″A
A raw, excellent athlete who will have a lot to learn about playing under control as a pro. But I never saw him dropping this far after a slid career, in a stellar Clemson program. He’s the nephew on JAVON KEARSE, which explains his freakish athleticism. Discipline will be lesson one for him once he gets to Camp. He should be able to star on Special Teams, while he learns the nuances of coverage and sound tackling. I will take a crack at pure speculation, that part of his falling within 10 Picks of being Mr. Irrelevant might just relate to some serious issues with him during the pre-Draft interview process. High risk, high reward with this guy perhaps.
Pick # 244 GBN Rank: 138 Ourlads Rank: 154 PP Rank: 114

Overall, another strong group of players/athletes who pretty much bring that SPIELMAN trademark of good value at just about every pick. I see perhaps 6 eventual starters in this group. It will now fall on the coaching staff to develop them as pros.