Updating Rodgers, Watson report

By | July 27, 2021

Pack QB Rodgers shows for camp; Watson cleared for practice … Updating yesterday’s reports on-going sagas in Houston and Green Bay involving star QBs DeShaun Watson and Aaron Rodgers, the league’s top two rated passers this past season. Rodgers, for example, did in fact show up in Green Bay and will be on the field when the Packers hold their first formal practice tomorrow. Meanwhile, the NFL indicated that despite the fact that he is being sued by as many as a couple of dozen women claiming he sexually assaulted them, the league has cleared Watson to practice fully at least for the time being. The league did indicate, though, that they are continuing to gather information regarding the allegations such that Watson’s status could change at any time. The news might also make Watson slightly more tradeable at this time. Houston revealed earlier this week that they are now willing to listen to trade offers for the embattled Watson after saying all spring and summer that Watson would play for the Texans or no one this season. All this started earlier this off-season when Watson claimed he’d never play for the Texans again because of issues with the front office. The Texans, though, are reportedly holding out for something of a king’s ransom in return for Watson which could make any deal problematic as nobody knows whether Watson will be able to play this fall because of his legal issues and/or any supplementary discipline by the league. The two teams reportedly with the most interest in Watson if the price comes down are Denver and Philadelphia.