Updated selection order

January 3, 2023

Updated selection order … With the Buffalo-Cincinnati game still up in the air in the wake of the serious health situation that evolved with Bills’ S Damar Hamlin, we weren’t quite sure what to do with selection order for the 2023 which usually gets updated after the completion of the Monday night game. For now, we are simply going to post the selection order as it as of this morning. There will be minor changes if and when the Bills-Bengals is ever completed. In particular, there are two very fluid areas. The first involves picks 7-8-9 where the SOS numbers of Atlanta, Las Vegas and Carolina are currently separated by 0.004 and there will be some bouncing around depending on the ultimate result of the Bills- Bengals game. Indeed, Atlanta will be at #7 and Las Vegas at #8 if Buffalo wins or there is no result, while Las Vegas will be 7th and Atlanta 8th with a Bengals win. The other fluid area is picks 15-16 where Green Bay will pick 15th and Pittsburgh 16th with a Cincinnati win, whereas they will flip those picks with a Buffalo win or no result. Hope that’s all very clear. In the meantime, we just hope and pray that sooner rather than later we get the news that its all clear for Damar.