Unofficial 7-round selection order posted

January 23, 2023

Unofficial 7-round selection order posted … Based of trades that we have been able to confirm, we have updated the selection order for the 2023 draft, although please note that this is still very unofficial. In fact, please let us know if we have missed any picks. We have also posted a very unofficial listing of 2023 picks by team. We are pretty confident for both that the first three rounds are pretty accurate, although the regular comp picks, if there any this year in the 3rd, still have to be added. Also note we did not number the picks in rounds 4-7 as those will change significantly once the comp picks are announced.

And while the comp picks still have to be added, Houston currently leads all teams with 11 picks in this year’s draft. The Texans are followed by Las Vegas and Seattle, with 10 selections each and are the only other teams with double digit picks, while Chicago, Kansas City, Jacksonville, and the NY Giants have 9 apiece. At the other end of the table, Minnesota has just 4 picks, currently the lowest in the league, while Arizona, Baltimore, and Miami have 5 each. Of course, the real action at the draft happens in the first three rounds where three teams – Detroit, Seattle and Houston – each have 5 picks in the first three rounds, including two on the opening night, while Carolina, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and the Giants have 4 apiece.