Top OT prospect Becton flagged for drug test

April 18, 2020

Top OT prospect Becton flagged for drug test … NFL Network is reporting this morning that former Louisville OT Mekhi Becton was one of several players whose combine drug tests were flagged. Not clear exactly what that means to have been flagged as Becton reportedly never failed a drug test in college. However, it does mean that Becton will have to go into the first stage of the league’s intervention program for up to 60 days. If he’s not flagged again within that period, his record would be cleared and he would have the same status as players who have never been referred to the program. The 6-7, 365-pound Becton created a buzz at the combine when he ran the 40 in 5.1 seconds, something that people that big just aren’t supposed to be able to do, although he remains something of a polarizing prospect as he is still very raw. Its also not clear what all this does to Becton’s ultimate status for the upcoming draft. He has generally been considered to be one of the top 4 OT prospects for next week’s draft, each of whom has top 10 potential. But there also doesn’t appear to be any consensus how the four rank within the group. Indeed, talk to four teams and you’ll get four different names as to who’s their top OT prospect overall. Stay tuned!