Top of selection order to be shuffled

By | October 16, 2021

Top of selection order to be shuffled … There will almost certainly be some major changes to the early selection order for the 2022 draft as it stands this week, with not one, but two games involving teams currently sitting on top 6 picks. In fact, tomorrow’s early game London between 0-5 Jacksonville and 1-4 Miami could be the Jags’ best chance to finally end that 20-game losing streak. For the record, Jacksonville would have had the #1 pick overall if the 2022 draft were held last week, while Miami’s pick which actually belongs to Philadelphia, would have been in the mash-up for picks 3-4-5. Meanwhile, Houston which would also have been in the 3-4-5 mix, will be at Indianapolis, which would have had the 6th pick entering the week. Of course, Philadelphia will also be keeping an eye on that game as the Eagles could also end up with the Colts’ pick in QB Carson Wentz plays 75% of Indianapolis’ offensive snaps. On the other hand, the NY Jets, the third team in the 3-4-5 mix, has a bye this week, while Detroit, which is one of the NFL’s two remaining winless teams along with Jacksonville and would have the second pick, will be home to Cincinnati on Sunday.