Top 5 picks unchanged

January 1, 2023

Top 5 picks unchanged; #1 choice will go down to final week (updated) … Neither Houston nor Chicago, which came into the week sitting on the 1st ad 2nd picks respectively, at the 2023 draft, left much to chance this week as both got drubbed in early Sunday action this afternoon. The Texans, for example, lost 31-3 to Jacksonville, while the Bears went down 41-10 in Detroit. The 2-13-1 Texans and 3-13 Bears are also now the only teams with a mathematical chance of ending up with this year’s pick which now won’t be formally decided until the final week of the schedule when Houston plays at Indianapolis and Chicago hosts Minnesota to wrap the season. In fact, that Houston-Indy game could be interesting as the Colts, which would have the 5th pick if the draft were held this week, also appear to be in full tank after losing 38-10 to the Giants in NY this afternoon. In fact, there will be no change in the top 5 picks in this week’s selection order as Denver, whose #3 belongs to Seattle, #4 Arizona and the #5 Colts all lost early games today. In the end, the only change in the top ten this week is that Detroit, with the LA Rams pick, moves up to the 6th slot for the week. Meanwhile, the 7-8-9 picks will go to Las Vegas, Atlanta and Carolina in some fashion, again for the week, but there is almost no difference in the SOS figures for those three times at this time.