To QB or not to QB

By | April 7, 2019

To QB or not to QB … To repeat a post from earlier in the week, with barely two and a half weeks to go until the actual 2019 draft gets underway, there really isn’t much buzz out there at all. The one thing that one kind of hears is that its possible that QBs Drew Lock of Missouri and, to a lesser extent, Duke’s Daniel Jones are on the rise. Lock, for example, appears to have closed the ground on Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins, the #2 QB in this year’s class behind Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray. Whether its enough that Lock would actually be selected ahead of Haskins likely won’t be known until the 25th, but at least it appears that it is not out the question. For his part, Lock appears to be this year’s version of Josh Allen, who was taken 7th overall last year by Buffalo. Lock is  still rough around the edges and has been dogged by inconsistency during his collegiate career, but he has a rare set of tools including arm strength and athleticism with which to work. at the same time, the buzz around the league is that Jones has solidified at least a mid-first round grade such that teams like Washington and the Giants who pick 15th and 17th respectively might actually have to move up a few spots if they were interested in acquiring his services later this month. Meanwhile, the fact that Arizona continues to vigorously shop Josh Rosen seems to indicate that the Cardinals are still locked into Murray with the top pick, while Washington has reportedly emerged as a potential landing spot for Rosen, although the Redskins almost certainly aren’t going to part with the 15th pick to get him.