Thoughts on latest Giants mock

By | February 24, 2021

We made the comment in the introduction to our latest 2021 projection that this year’s draft is particularly hard to predict. And it’s particularly hard to predict what a team like the Giants with the 11th pick overall are likely to do. The problem is that the options Giants ultimately will have when they get on the clock with their opening round pick this year will be largely determined by what teams picking in front of them have done. They have to figure that at least three, and likely as many as four QBs are selected within the top ten picks. They also have to figure that at least a couple of other players – LSU WR Ja’Marr Chase and Oregon OT Penei Sewell – are almost certain to be taking with top 5-10 picks. That leaves something like 8 or so other red-chip type prospects, including Alabama WRs DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle, Florida TE Kyle Pitts, Northwestern G/T Rashawn Slater, Miami DE Greg Rousseau, Penn State OLB Micah Parsons and CBs Patrick Surtain of Alabama and Virginia Tech’s Caleb Farley, to be divvied up among the remaining 4-5 teams with top ten picks. In turn, that means, barring any unforseen developments, the Giants should have a choice of 3-4 really good players any one of which would be an excellent get for the Giants. The problem, however, is that just about every team picking ahead of the Giants could also pick any one of those guys so we may in fact not know who’ll likely be available at #11 until the Giants actually get on the clock on April 29th.

All that said, we expect, based on various comments by front-office people, that the Giants will go into the draft hoping to get a shot at at least one of the top 4 receivers. We would also expect, again based on what they have said publicly that if the top receivers are off the board by the time they get on the clock, that the Giants primary fall-back option would be to take one of the CBs. Of course, all that presupposes that one of the guys who drops down to #11 doesn’t fall into the proverbial ‘too-good-to-pass-on’ category based on their scouting grades, but again that we won’t know until April 29th!