The Meek shall inherit the NFL world

By | September 24, 2018

The Meek shall inherit the NFL earth … Or some such biblical interpretation after an NFL weekend which saw several major upsets. No upset was bigger than in Minnesota where Buffalo, a 17-point underdog who appeared to enter the game on the fast track to the first pick overall at the 2019, rolled over what many consider to be the NFL’s best team. On any given Sunday! It was also one of those any given Sundays in Detroit where the winless Lions knocked off perennial champion New England for its first win. In fact, four teams that entered the week at 0-2 came away with their initial wins including the Bills, Lions, NY Giants and Seattle. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh and Cleveland, which each had a loss and a tie coming in, also both won their games to go to 1-1-1. That leaves three winless teams at 0-3 including Arizona, Oakland and Houston.  And while its still a couple of weeks too early to start posting the updated selection order for the opening round of the 2019 draft, if the draft were held this week, Arizona would have the #1 pick as the Cardinals collective opponents have a weaker schedule (.521) than either those of Houston (.531) or Oakland (.583).