Texans trade for vet Bengals’ QB

By | March 19, 2021

Texans trade for vet Bengals’ QB … Houston acquired QB Ryan Finley from Cincinnati earlier today. In exchange, the teams swapped late round picks with Cincinnati getting the 202nd pick overall in the 6th round, while Houston slides back to the 233rd pick in the 7th round. The Bengals were actually in the process of releasing Finley before Houston made their offer. The trade comes a day after the Texans signed veteran Tyrod Taylor. Not clear whether the Texans were just trying to fill out their QB room or whether they are adding depth in case they ultimately end up moving disgruntled incumbent starter DeShaun Watson. And unfortunately that whole situation just gets messier. The number of women now accusing Watson of some kind of sexual issue is up to 7 and there are reports that it could go significantly higher. Worse for Watson, the police in Houston have asked for the evidence which could bring the whole thing into the criminal courts whereas for now it remains in civil litigation. Whatever it is a mess with no apparent easy way out. Stay tuned!