Texans move closer to securing top pick; Panthers up to #2

November 20, 2022

Texans move closer to securing top pick; Panthers up to #2 … With Las Vegas stunning Denver with a dramatic win in OT in a late afternoon game. Houston has moved that much closer to earning the #1 pick overall at the 2023 draft. The Texans actually may have thought they had a good chance of pulling an upset with Washington in town this afternoon, if the Commanders were maybe just a little flat after Monday night’s win over previously beaten Philadelphia, but it wasn’t even close with Washington winning 23-3. That drops the Texans record to 1-8-1 and leaves them quite literally two games ‘ahead’ in the race to secure the top pick as every other team has now won at least three games on the season. The Raiders win also opened the door for Carolina to slide up into the #2 spot in the ‘if the draft were to be held this week’ selection order for this year’s opening round after Houston. Meanwhile, Chicago moves up to #3, with Vegas down to #5, Denver at #6 and the LA Rams at #7. Of course, Seattle actually owns Denver’s first pick, while Detroit has the Rams’ top pick as a result of earlier trades. As usual, the full opening round selection order, at least as it stands this week, will be published after tomorrow night’s Monday night game.