April 23, 2015

After a little glitch yesterday in keeping my teams straight it is clear that I owe a Team Mock to some of our die hard DOLPHINS fans. So here is a brand new, updated version…

Round 1, Pick 14 BUD DUPREE/ER/KENTUCKY/6’4/269 GBN Rank: 14
They can use a young edge rusher and if DUPREE can actually handle an OLB spot on early downs this is the perfecta. DUPREE’s length, explosion and size are uncommon and could help him fill multiple roles in their defensive schemes. The team has multiple holes to fill because their net result of VFA may be a minus number despite the excitement of signing SUH.

Round 2. Pick 47 AJ CANN/OG/SOUTH CAROLINA/6’3/313 GBN Rank: 50
This sure isn’t the sexy pick here but if TANNEHILL is their Franchise QB they have got to upgrade his protection. CANN is a plug and play guy, who is as football smart as he is big. He could replace THOMAS and upgrade the unit itself and the depth factor. DEVIN SMITH/WR was my other consideration.

Round 4, Pick 114 VINCE MAYLE/WR/WASHINGTON STATE/6’2/224 GBN Rank: 122
Many folks think this guy has tremendous upside even though he is already good. The Dolphins WR corps has no size to it and MAYLE could give them a jumbo Red Zone weapon to work with. He is also highly regarded as a potential Kick Returner. He’ll win a lot of jump balls for Mr. Tannehill.

Round 5, Pick 149 IBRAHEIM CAMPBELL/S/NORTHWESTERN/6’0/210 GBN Rank: 149
Sometimes a team gets lucky and a need matches up with value. That could be the case with CAMPBELL. The S group is not the most athletic group on the Dolphins roster. A hard hitting, in-the-box S with the size to back up his style of play. Lots of savvy as a 4-year starter in the Big 10. Ran a 4.54/40 at Combine.

Round 5, Pick 150 MATT JONES/RB/FLORIDA/6’2/231 GBN RANK: 155
The DOLPHINS would like to run the ball more and are shaking up the depth chart behind LAMAR MILLER. A pounding, straight line runner who knows who he is could make a nice compliment to the jitter-bug and speed guys MILLER & WILLIAMS. His big value could come on short yardage and at the goal line. Maybe he can be what DANIEL THOMAS never became for them inside.

Round 6, Pick 190 BEN HEENEY/LB/KANSAS/6’0/231 GBN Rank: 193
This guy will initially become a fan favorite because of his kamikaze style of Special Teams play. But I’d also hazard a guess that once he starts to see action at the line-of-scrimmage his smarts and all out effort will endear him even more to the coaching staff. His size limitations make it hard to initially plug him in, but once he sees meaningful action he’ll never come off the field. Do not be fooled by his lack of size. If you check his Combine numbers you’ll see he is a very good athlete.

The DOLPHINS are tough to peg at times because the roster seems to jump around from year to year under PHILBIN and changing personnel people. This is MIKE TANNENBAUM’s chance to show some of the Draft failures with the JETS were due to REX and Woody helping him too much on personnel decisions.