January 2, 2022

We are into the 4th quarter against the Bears and the Giants are hopelessly behind 29-3 in a thoroughly dismal performance. The only thing we can hope is that it was the Giants intention to tank from the git-go in hopes of getting one of the top 3-4 prospects in this this year’s draft. There is simply no other way to explain a game plan that a middle school coach would be embarrassed to propose. And I’m not even going to talk about the offense which wasn’t going to do much anyway. Indeed, the only way you were going to have a shot in this game was maybe force some turnovers by the Bears who were starting a back-up at QB and really don’t have any receivers that scare anybody. But for over three-quarters the Giants have sat in their 4-man rush, soft zone bend-but-don;t break mode. In fact, they didn’t blitz once through the first 45 minutes (and for the record just did and got a sack). If I’m Joe Judge and I was trying to tank, I’d be embarrassed to look my guys in the eyes!