Supp draft on tap

By | July 10, 2018

Supp draft on tap … Wednesday will be draft day lite as the league will hold its annual summer supplemental draft beginning at 1 PM ET. Prior to the actual draft, there will be a weighted lottery to determine the selection order. Teams with the worst W-L records from 2017 will have better odds of getting a higher pick in the supplemental draft, but the supplemental draft does not follow the same order as the regular draft. The supp draft also has a different format than the regular draft in that teams indicate at the start of a round that they will take a player in that round. If more than one teams submits a bid, the player goes to the team with the higher pick in that round. A team that does end up getting a player in the supp draft then forfeits their pick in the round at the 2019 draft. A total of 5 players including Western Michigan CB Sam Beal, Virginia Tech CB Adonis Alexander, Mississippi State safety Brandon Bryant, Oregon State LB Bright Ugwoegbu and Grand Valley State RB Marty Carter will be eligible to be selected on Wednesday. Beal is the highest-rated of this year’s supp draft prospects and could be selected as early as the second or third rounds, while Alexander and Bryant could attract some later round interest. Of note, teams were notified this week that Alexander has passed a series of drug tests which should help his cause.