Stunners in college football

November 26, 2022

Stunners shakeup playoff landscape in college football … There were a couple of really almost shocking results in the early games today with major implications for the CFP playoff. Michigan stunned Ohio State 45-23 right in Columbus to really put a dagger in the Buckeyes’ national championship hopes. Ohio State can still get an invite to the 4-team playoff as a one-game loser, but it will tough given the way they lost today. Indeed, the major beneficiaries of today’s game may be Southern Cal which if it can win tonight against Notre Dame and then win the Pac-12 title game next week could be the first in line one-loss team. Loss either of those games, though, and two-loss Alabama could also be back in the picture. One team that no longer factors in the CFP picture, though, is Clemson, which will still play for the ACC title next week, but saw any slim national championship hoes they might have had go up in smoke as they were stunned at home 31-30 by South Carolina. Stay tuned!!