Star Gopher RB dinged in season-epening loss to Buckeyes

By | September 3, 2021

Star Gopher RB dinged in season-opening loss to Buckeyes … Team officials at Minnesota are holding their collective breaths waiting for an update on the status of star RB Mohamed Ibrahim. The reigning Big Ten RB of the year almost single-handedly kept the Gophers in their season-opener against 4th ranked Ohio State last night as he rushed 30 times for 163 yards and two TDs in less than three full quarters. However, he went down with what appeared to be a serious leg injury late in the third quarter. He was later seen limping to the locker room wearing a protective boot. Again, nothing has been confirmed, but there are fears that Ibrahim may have suffered an injury to his Achilles tendon, either a tear or a rupture. Neither would be career-threatening, but he would likely miss the rest of the college season.