STAR Game reports 2023

December 2, 2022

We are less than 2 months away from Senior Bowl Week in Mobile. Right now the hot topic item for the Mobile game is the Player Acceptances that are rolling in. As of this article composition the count of players accepting invites for the game is just over 70. I expect we will see a rash of acceptances pour in after this weekend, when Conference Championships are over. Now let us be frank about a couple of things amongst all this Star Game news and excitement. Remember that “true” seniors are technically the only players eligible for this game, but also remember that the NCAA granted everyone an extra year of eligibility who was already in school when Covid hit hard back in 2020. So some players who you see being mentioned as Juniors and/or RedShirt Sophomores may indeed be eligible if they have graduated. It is also a fact that as the games, and the Bowl season concludes there will be players who opt for surgery and/or rehab work to nurse 2022 season and/or Bowl Game injuries. So as I push forward with this, and other related articles, be advised that the process and player participation are fluid to say the least.

So let me start by picking a few numbers to hang out there. Each Senior Bowl team will likely start their week in Mobile with about 63 players, give or take. They will be divided into National & American squads. It will take me a while to get used to not having North vs. South any longer, but I understand some of the nuances that led to the change. All players get a medical exam upon arrival in Mobile and attend a weigh-in process on Monday of game week. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday all feature practice sessions. Saturday is the Game Day.

I printed up an Accepted Invites list about 9 A.M./ET this Friday morning. And based on that list I would like to kick off my coverage by advising you which players on today’s list I see as being potential First Rounders in the 2023 NFL Draft.

High Probability of First Round selection

JAELYN DUNCAN    OT     Maryland


TYREE WILSON    DE/ER     Texas Tech     *currently injured, may attend but not practice or play in Mobile

Possibly later First Rounders

DAIYAN HENLEY     LB     Washington State

ANDREI IOSIVAS    WR     Princeton

SIAKI IKA     NT      Baylor


KEION WHITE      DE       Georgia Tech

As of the printing of this list ILLINOIS leads all schools with 4 players. I doubt they will lead the pack come February, but it is an indicator that Bret Bielema is not winning with mirrors. He and his solid coaching staff are getting athletes to help rebuild the Illini football program. And in case you were sleeping, the Fighting Illini were 8-4 this past season, and will be Bowling for Dollars shortly.

And we have yet to hear from Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Southern Cal and a few other top feeders whose coaches prefer to avoid “distractions”, but likely will be presenting invite letters to their select players shortly.

If you are a die hard Draftnik, I suggest you head over to the GBN REPORT ( and check out the compilation work that LT (Larry) is doing to keep track of invites to all the major Star Games, as Editor Colin likes to refer to them. It works for me… thanks LP.



P.S.  I am working on attending the 2023 Senior Bowl week in Mobile again this year. It will mark my 26th straight year in Mobile for the proceedings. I think I can smell the Gulf Coast seafood frying up already.