South Alabama pro day

March 21, 2021

Interesting pro day at South Alabama where NFL scouts saw pretty much what they expected from ILB Riley Cole, the Jaguars’ leading tackler (with 96) who got a home-town invite to this year’s Senior Bowl. Cole, who measured in at 6-2.5, 240, tested about as expected as he ran a couple of respectable 4.72s in the 40 and managed a even more respectable 26 reps in the BP. However, Cole wasn’t as quick in the agility drills in which he timed 4.35 seconds in the short shuttle and 7.46 in the 3-cone, both of which would have been among the bottom half of results at the 2020 combine. Bottom line is that Cole is what he is and that is a tough, hard, relentless worker, but something of a limited athlete. In fact, several teams had Cole run some FB drills to check out his versatility.

On the other hand, pro scouts were not expecting to see quite as athletic a performance from WR Kawaan Baker, who was a solid, albeit unspectacular receiver/KO returner for the Jaguars. However, Baker, who measured in at 6-0, 210, had impressive leaps of 39.5 inches in the vertical and 10-9 in the long jump and then ran in the mid 4.4 range (with a reported low of 4.41) in the 40. Like Cole, though, Baker wasn’t quite as quick in the agility drills in which he clocked 4.41 in the SS and 7.42 in the 3-cone. Not sure whether any intelligence testing was part of the USA pro day experience but Baker, who is a math/stats major probably would have done okay!