January 16, 2020

As I figured, today was indeed walk-through time with no pads. So being quite content that I did not drive a 160 mile round trip for that, I am using my 3 days of true practice to present to you my All-Practice squad.

QB KELLY BRYANT  #7   West   Missouri  6’3/221    9 1/2″ hand size

RB RICO DOWDLE #35   East   South Carolina  5’11/214

RB JAMES ROBINSON #25  West   Illinois St  5’9/222    8 3/4″ hands

WR  JOHN HIGHTOWER  #16  West  Boise St  6’1/185  9 5/8″ hands

WR  JORDAN McCRAY  #13   West    Oklahoma State   6’5/191

TE  MITCHELL WILCOX  East. #89  USF  6’4/240  9 1/8″ hands

OT  CHARLIE HECK   #67   East   North Carolina  6’7/307     34″ arms

OT  JON RUNYAN   #75   East    Michigan    6’4/313     33″ arms

OG  KEVIN DOTSON   #75    West  LA/Lafayette     6’4/310    33″ arms

OG  KYLE MURPHY  #64    East  Rhode Island   6’3/307  33 1/8″ arms

OC  ZACH SHACKELFORD  #56    West    Texas    6’3/303      31″ arms

DE  JOE GAZIANO  #97  East    Northwestern   6’4/281    9 1/2″ hands

DE  JAMES SMITH-WILLIAMS #91  East  NC State  6’4/261 34″ arms

DT  McTELVIN AGIM   #93   West   Arkansas   6’3/305    33 3/8″ arms

DT RAEQUAN WILLIAMS #98 West Michigan St  6’4/287 33 1/8″arm

LB  SHAQ QUARTERMAN   #55     East  Miami (F)    6’1/242  31″ arms

LB  CAMERON GILL    #92   East     Wagner    6’2/238      9 7/8″ hands

LB   JOHN HOUSTON   #40  West  USC   6’3/225     9 1/2″ hands

CB   NEVELLE CLARKE    #41  East     UCF    6’1/179     32″ arms

CB  STANTLEY THOMAS-OLIVER   #39  East  FIU  6’0/183    32 arms

S   DAVID DOWELL  #36  West  Michigan State  6’0/199  32 1/2″ arms

S   PATRICK NELSON   #33    West     SMU     5’11/213      31 3/4″ arms

I am not going to list honorable mentions or add an extra player here or there. These young men all have good skills and energy or they would not be in a Star Game venue. I would also advise that we are likely to see some other guys really step up in the actual game, and some from this list just seem to disappear. If time permits, and I see some different players really step up, I may post an All-Game team.

Remember the game is this Saturday, the 18th, at 3PM Eastern Time on NFLNetwork. I have seen Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis at practices, so I assume they will join Andrew Siciliano for the broadcast. And most of all, if you can please support the Shrine Children’s Hospitals, they will certainly be accepting donations at their website,