Short-list projection

By | April 15, 2019

Short-list projection … Long-time GBN readers will know that we aren’t always all that keen on mock drafts. They are fun to do and, used properly, can provide a little bit of useful information. The one thing that no mock, no matter how thoughtfully done, is going to tell folks is which particular player a particular team is going to select. And unfortunately, that’s how most people read them. The other problem with mocks, especially so close to the draft, is that just about every draft is impacted by trades, which are even harder to predict. So we tend to shy away from projections this close to the draft. However, given that there is almost no buzz about any current trades, we did put together a first-round projection with the added feature that we also included, as best as we could tell, the other players that each respective team might have on their short-list when they get on the board. Note, though, that we only included players who have yet to be selected on the short list.