Senior Bowl preview post

January 29, 2023

Senior Bowl preview … While most of the NFL is focused on today’s conference final playoff games, GBN associate Editor Pigskin Paul Guillemette is packing his bags and preparing to head over to Mobile for this week’s Senior Bowl. And Paul , who has become something of a Senior Bowl institution in his own right, will be joined by 130 or so top prospects for the 2023 draft, as well as just about anybody who’s anybody in the NFL scouting and personnel communities. For the record, full practices begin on Tuesday with sessions at 12:30 PM ET and 3 PM ET; there will also be full practices at the same times on Wednesday and Thursday with the actual game scheduled for next Saturday at 2:30 PM ET with coverage on the NFL Network. And while there aren’t a whole lot of first-round prospects expected to be in Mobile this week, figure that upwards of 90% of the players at the Senior Bowl will ultimately be drafted including a goodly portion of those selected on the second day. Here is our preview of who we’ll be watching in Mobile this week.