Senior Bowl practices wrap today; weather, Willis top stories

February 3, 2022

Senior Bowl practices wrap today; weather, Willis top stories … They’ll be getting the third and final day of practice at the Senior Bowl in Mobile in just over an hour. And they’re hoping for better weather today after yesterday’s practices were held in a steady downpour. Unfortunately, the forecast for today isn’t much better and there have reportedly been discussions about moving the whole operation inside for today. Of course, yesterday’s weather added another dimension to the developing QB story in Mobile where as has been reported ad nauseum 5 of the top 6 prospects for this year’s draft are at the senior Bowl. For the most part, they have all pretty much held serve. There does seem to be a buzz developing, though, that the guy everyone in Mobile is intrigued by is Malik Willis of Liberty. And there’s one word to describe why: upside. Willis is a terrific athlete with the unquestioned ability to make big plays out of nothing with his legs. He’s also got a cannon of an arm and while he doesn’t always know where its going, the one thing you can’t teach a QB is pure arm strength. At the same time, more than one team around the NFL appears prepared to write off Willis’ somewhat subpar numbers in 2021, including a rather pedestrian 61% completion rate, as being impacted by the fact that his supporting cast at Liberty just wasn’t very good. Meanwhile, the other QBs have all played pretty much as expected, which is some good, some bad, but clearly none of the others including Pitt’s Kenny Pickett, who is generally been considered to be the top QB for this year draft, just don’t have the same upside in terms of arm strength and athleticism.