SENIOR BOWL NFL Draft First Round Prospects

February 7, 2022

The most frequent question that I get asked during Senior Bowl week in Mobile every year is which players of the 100+ who are present for the game will end up being First Round Picks in the upcoming Draft. So as I regroup from the week, and the almost 500 mile drive home, Sunday I will grab the list I had made up last Friday in anticipation of the Grapico Senior Bowl podcast Friday Night. I am gonna go alphabetically, and advise you that I doubt all of these names will be called in Round One. But most of them will, and I doubt any other guys will sneak into the opening round in April.

KINGSLEY “JJ” ENAGBARE  DE/E    South Carolina    6’4/261    #53   A

LOGAN HALL    DL     Houston   6’6/278     #92 N

SAM HOWELL    QB     North Carolina   6’0/221     #14 A

JERMAINE JOHNSON    DE/E     Florida St      6’4/259      #96  A

BOYE MAFE     DE/E     Minnesota     6’5/255     #34 N

TREY McBRIDE     TE     Colorado St      6’3/249      #85  N

TREVOR PENNING    OT     N. Iowa      6’7/330     #70   N

KENNY PICKETT   QB    Pittsburgh     6’3/217     #8    N

CHANNING TINDALL     LB     Georgia      6’2/223     #41   A

CHRISTIAN WATSON    WR    N. Dakota St      6’4/211      #1  N

MALIK WILLIS      QB      Liberty       6’0/220      #7  A

PERRION WINFREY     DT     Oklahoma      6’4/303     #98  N

TARIK WOOLEN     CB      UT-San Antonio     6’3/205      #20  A

DEVONTE WYATT        DT     Georgia        6’3/307     #95  A

In case some of you have the game taped for rewatching (like I do), I have given the game uniform number and which squad each player was on.

I will be writing about Senior Bowl week the rest of this week, with some tidbits from the SHRINE BOWL as well.