SENIOR BOWL 2018 Day 2

January 23, 2018

In the brave new world of the Senior Bowl the weigh-in now starts at 7:30 AM, but that is my problem not yours, dear reader. Here are some odds and ends observations from Pigskin Paul.

It is my opinion that we are continuing to see the brave new world of college football players under the new, more aggressive drug testing era of the NCAA. We no longer see every other player in his shorts looking like they all just came from Muscle Beach, California. We also don’t see the massive weight numbers of yesteryear.

A total of 115 players were measured today and only 23 of them weighed 300-lbs. or more. The heaviest player by far was WILLIE HERNANDEZ/OG, UTEP at 340 lbs. But the vast majority of the heavyweights were under 320 lbs. Those numbers are all significantly down from what I remember from 2001 to 2010.

Overall, 27 of the players measured had hands of 10″ or longer, while another 15 had arm length of 34″ or longer. Only 10 players out of the 115 were 6’6″ or taller.

But the small guys were in short supply too. (Nice pun, Pigskin Paul); A total of 18 players were under 6′ tall. Smallest overall player in Mobile this week is BRAXTON BERRIOS/WR/RS/MIAMI (F) who measured in at 5’8 5/8″, 177 lbs. I am including the Kickers/Punters, who were all bigger than him.

The afternoon practices were something less than rousing as the players put on the pads for the first time this week. As Phil Savage had warned us in the morning a lot of installation and Special Teams went into the days work.

Best news of the afternoon was the presence of BAKER MAYFIELD with the North practice. He was a bit rusty after spending the past couple days back in Texas dealing with some family matters, but we saw his quick set up and live arm. He should only look better as the days go on. We should get some measurement numbers on him tomorrow!

My first take is that if Saturday is a close game then the South may have a decided advantage in the kicking game with SCOTT/Alabama punting and CARLSEN/Auburn kicking. TOWNSEND/Florida might give SCOTT a run for his money, but BADGLEY/K had a less than stellar season for the Hurricanes, particularly down the stretch of games to end the season.

The receivers in this game, for both teams look strong, including both the TE and WR group. But we will have to hope for the best on he injury front. Within the first half-hour of the South practice two TE, BRENEMAN #81 and GOEDERT #86 were on the sidelines with a trainer having ice packs taped to their hamstring areas. Let’s hope for the best on both players. Speaking for myself, I really need to see these small school guys down here or I am going to be basing my rankings of them in great part from what other people have seen of them. Get well fast guys.

Some nice catches on pretty well thrown deep balls in both practices. But also a few INT as well as way too many bad snaps. But that is all normal for early practices. We’ll start to worry if that doesn’t sort itself out tomorrow.

I think the NORTH will have a decided edge in OL play based on players reps and early results. I could see a North starting OL of #52/MASON COLE/OC, #76 WILL HERNANDEZ/OG, #79 SEAN WALSH/OG, #73 TYRELL CROSBY/OT, #70 RYAN O’NEILL/OT, with #78/BRETT TOTH OT first off the bench. On paper that looks like a pretty strong group to me. And some of their drill work today backed up their reputations. The South certainly has talent to work with, but looks a bit unsettled on positioning for certain players.

Believe it or not folks that’s all I’ve got for today. I’m hoping we hear pads really popping and get to see more scrimmage type work, as well as one-on-one stuff Wednesday afternoon.

Good night from Mobile!

Pigskin Paul