With Jags stunning win Seahawks to pick no higher than 20th

January 14, 2023

With Jags stunning comeback win Seahawks to pick no higher than 20th … For those that went to bed early last night witjh the LA Chargers leading Jacksonville 27-0 late in the first half, well you missed a comeback for the ages as the Jags rallied to win 31-30 to advance to next week’s conference semi-final week. What the Jags win didn’t do was give us much more clarity on which teams will ultimately have the 19th thru 24th picks in this year’s draft. The one thing we can confirm is that the Seattle will pick no higher than 20th overall with their own pick depending on what happens with Tampa Bay in tomorrow night’s game, while Jacksonville will pick no higher than 24th. In fact, because Tampa Bay has the worst record of any playoff team, and don’t play until Monday night when they host Dallas in this weekend’s final wild card match-up, we won’t know for sure how picks 19-24 pan out until after the Bucs game on Monday.