SEA HAWKS 2016 Draft Review

July 10, 2016

This team was built around the shrewd drafting of GM JOHN SCHNEIDER who worked under TED THOMPSON in Green Bay. The shrewdest move of all was rolling the dice on QB/RUSSELL WILSON when most of the League felt he was too short to play QB in the NFL. But the team has lost more than its share of players to VFA in recent years. They needed a top quality effort in 2016 to replenish their depth and provide more talent for the overall roster. With 10 Picks they had a solid chance to do so.

Round 1 GERMAIN IFEDI/OT/TEXAS A&M 6’6/335 5.30/40 10 3/4″H/36″A
The next in a long line of recent OL prospects produced by the Aggies. He played OT in college, but it looks like he will get his first shot inside for Seattle. He has rough spots to be smoothed out by OL Coach TOM CABLE, who is considered one of the best in the NFL coaching ranks. His hand and arm length cry out of an OT, but his footwork is better suited for an inside slot. I expect him to contribute as a Rookie for CABLE, and eventually start. Look for him to initially emerge at OG, but likely move out to RT with time.
Pick # 31 GBN Rank: 40 Ourlads Rank: 98 PP Rank: 44

Round 2 JARRAN REED/DT/ALABAMA 6’3/311 5.15/40 10 1/2″H/33 3/8″A
They traded up to get REED, and he is projected to immediately plug into their DT rotation. It’s not often that a team can lose a VFA like Brandon Mebane and replace him with a better player, but here it is IMO. He’s a first round talent. Is an immovable object much of the time and has surprisingly good penetration ability. He can stuff double-team blockers on a regular basis.
Pick # 49 GBN Rank: 15 Ourlads Rank: 17 PP Rank: 17

Round 3 C.J. PROSISE/RB/NOTRE DAME 6’1/220 4.44/40 8 1/2″H/32 1/8″A
A converted WR who was a star in the Notre Dame running attack last season. He can pound up the middle, get to the corner and is a well above average receiver out of the backfield. His only issue may be that he could not stay out on the field every week. His hard running style seemed to bang him up as much as it did opponents. His best may be yet to come as pro coaching helps him develop more RB skills and habits. Good start to filling the hole left by the retirement of MARSHAWN LYNCH.
Pick # 90 GBN Rank: 80 Ourlads Rank: 101 PP Rank: 88

Round 3 NICK VANNETT/TE/OHIO STATE 6’5/265 4.85/40 10″H/34 1/4″A
Was caught in a very deep position group and in an offense which calls for blocking more importantly than receiving ability. Had to wait his turn, but had a solid senior season. Showed very well at the Senior Bowl, as a blocker, and also as a receiver who can find holes in a secondary and make the catch when thrown to. He’s an old fashioned TE who can block and catch. Will be very valuable in the red zone. Should become a favorite for QB WILSON.
Pick # 94 GBN Rank: 95 Ourlads Rank: 58 PP Rank: 83

Round 3 REES ODHIAMBO/OT/BOISE STATE 6’4/301 5.25/40 9 5/8″H/33 1/4″A
High ceiling potential player who must prove he can stay healthy and play every week for an entire season. He should be like a lump of clay for CABLE to mold. He too may end up as a better interior player than outside at OT. Beating the injury bug may be his biggest obstacle in sticking on an NFL roster long term.
Pick # 97 GBN Rank: 136 Ourlads Rank: 250 PP Rank: 152

Round 5 QUINTON JEFFERSON/DL/MARYLAND 6’4/291 5.25/40 9 5/8″H/33 1/4″A
Not a flashy player at all, but he is steady and mature both on and off the field. A powerful player at the snap of the ball. His high effort and energy will appeal to CARROLL and his coaching staff. I would not label him as a potential starter, but he can hold his own in a rotation and may be able to fill in all along the DL, except for on the Nose. A good player who got caught up in being on a pretty poor team at the end of his career.
Pick # 147 GBN Rank: 185 Ourlads Rank: 304 PP Rank: 300+ NR

Round 5 ALEX COLLINS/RB/ARKANSAS 5’10/217 4.59/40 9 1/4″H/30 1/4″A
A very solid power runner for the Razorbacks. Can run over people and through tackles. Recorded 3 straight seasons of over 1000-yards gained in BIELEMA’s RB rotation scheme. he shows very good balance with good field vision. Has some burst despite a lack of straight line speed. Should make a very good rotational RB teaming with RAWLS and others. Good vale for the 5th Round IMO.
Pick # 171 GBN Rank: 120 Ourlads Rank: 90 PP Rak: 61

Round 6 JOEY HUNT/OC/TCU 6’3/295
Pick # 215 GBN Rank: Ourlads Rank: PP Rank: 300+ NR
My guess would be that TOM CABLE saw something he really liked in this dependable, if unspectacular college OL. He appears to be a good fit for their zone blocking scheme and must present some intangibles that make Cable feel he can mold him into a pro OC. THey are still working to replace MAX UNGER and long term he may be part of the solution.
Pick # 215 GBN Rank: 346 Ourlads Rank: 300+ NR PP Rank: 300+ NR

Round 7 KENNY LAWLER/WR/CAL 6’3/203 4.62/40 10 1/2″H/33 3/8″A
Developed into a top target as his CAL career progressed. Had he timed better in the 40 he might have cracked the Top 100. Very good athlete, who wins jump balls and uses the sideline well. He can do it all except for blowing by DB. Could be a late rounder who develops into a No. 3 or 4 WR on this team in a year or so.
Pick # 243 GBN Rank: 130 Ourlads Rank: 125 PP Rank: 162

Round 7 ZAC BROOKS/RB/CLEMSON 6’0/199 4.45/40
Showed very well at the Clemson Pro Day, despite a college career that found him on the bench most of the time. He is raw right now, averaging only 13 snaps per game last season. Expect him to spend a couple years on Practice Squads while being given the chance to show he can tote the rock. He will also have to put his speed to good use on Special Teams from Day 1 of Training Camp to stick around.
Pick # 247 GBN Rank: Ourlads Rank: 300+ NR PP Rank:

IMO, this looks like their best draft in a while. Having a First Round Pick for the first time since 2012 got them off to a good start. There are some long range projections in this group, but there are also some very productive college players who should be able to stick at the pro level. The most important aspect of this Draft for them may be providing OL CABLE with 3 talented players to work with and coach up. 2 out of 3 may be capable of impacting the blocking situation immediately.