Saints get picks back

By | March 20, 2021

Saints, Raiders get picks back … It was reported last year that both New Orleans and Las Vegas had been forced to forfeit 2021 draft picks because of covid-related violations. However, when the NFL released the full selection order for next month’s draft those picks were still on the board. The Saints had reportedly lost a 7th-rounder for a mask-less locker room celebration, while the Raiders had been docked a #6 for multiple violations. In releasing the full schedule, the NFL did not explain why the teams will not lose picks, but the speculation is that both teams appealed the discipline and got back the draft picks as part of the appeals process. At the same time, two other forfeited picks stand. New England lost a 3rd-round pick after members of the team’s media department filmed an upcoming opponent’s sideline during a game, while Minnesota recently lost a seventh-round pick for a salary cap violation in 2019. It isn’t all bad news for the Patriots, though, as they have been given an additional comp pick – #177 overall in the 5th round – that wasn’t there when the league released its original list of comp picks earlier this year.