Rams, 49ers head list of projected ’23 comp picks

May 6, 2022

Rams, 49ers head list of projected ’23 comp picks … For those that didn’t see it. the NFL.com has a piece today by Lance Zierlein projecting which teams will get compensatory picks at the 2023 draft. The period during which unrestricted free agent signings would count in the calculation of comp picks for next year’s draft ended earlier this week so any UFA signings over the course of the summer will not be factored in. According to Zeirlein’s analysis 14 teams are likely to get 32 extra picks with San Francisco and the LA Rams leading the way with 4 each. In fact, two of the 49ers comp picks will be awarded as a result of the league’s minority hiring policy. Meanwhile, Dallas, Las Vegas and Arizona are projected to get three comp picks each, while New England, Washington, Minnesota, Kansas City, Tampa Bay and the NY Giants likely will get two apiece and Cleveland, New Orleans and Green Bay one each. If that projection holds New England, Kansas City and Houston would currently expect to have the most picks overall at the 2023 draft with 11 each based on the GBN’s unofficially tally of traded picks for the upcoming draft. At the same time, Dallas, Arizona, Las Vegas and San Francisco would have ten selections each while Jacksonville, the LA Rams and the NY Giants would have 9 apiece.