Race for top pick tightens up

By | November 18, 2018

Race for top pick tightens up … Just when it looked like Oakland might have decided to tank the season in order to come away with the #1 pick at the 2019 draft, the Raiders rose up and knocked off Arizona on a last-second FG for their second win of the campaign. That leaves the Raiders, Cardinals and idle 49ers all tied with two wins at the bottom of the league standings. However, because the 49ers have the weakest collective schedule, by a fairly wide margin, of the three teams, they will hold the #1 pick, at least for this week, followed by Arizona and Oakland at #3, with the two New York teams rounding out the top 5 with the Jets at #4 and the suddenly hot Giants at #5. As usual, the full opening round selection order for the upcoming draft will be updated after tomorrow night’s epic showdown between league leaders Kansas City and the Rams in Los Angeles.