Proday updates

March 22, 2023

Pro day updates … Funny, that after what seemed like a rather momentous day on the pro day circuit, there’s actually very little news to report. Needless to say the reviews of Ohio State QB CK Stroud’s 55-pass scripted throwing session were pretty much universally applauded. Of course, it would be news if they weren’t! Meanwhile, along with WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Buckeyes’ CB Cam Brown, who also didn’t run at the combine, did run today and had what is reported by the school as a 4.53-hand-held clocking which likely translates to the 4.6 range. At the same time, none of the other primary OSU prospects who did not run at the combine including Stroud, OT Paris Johnson, DE Zach Harrison and S Ronnie Hickman, opted to run today and there is no word of any planned April work out for any of those players. One other note, the Steelers who were in Columbus in their usual numbers were all over OT Johnson pretty much all day … As many as 28 teams were at the SMU pro day with multiple representation from area teams Dallas and Houston, along with New Orleans and Cincinnati. The main focus was on WR Rashee Rice who stood on his 4.51 40 clocking and only ran routes, but reportedly looked pretty smooth …

Its going to interesting to see how much of the crowd that was at Ohio State today, heads on down to Alabama for the Tide’s work out tomorrow. One group we know will be there is the 11-man Carolina contingent that was all over Stroud in Columbus. And we know they’ll be there becausethey are already there and wining and dining Bama QB Bryce Young as we speak. For the record, the Alabama pro day is set to start at Noon ET with national coverage we fear again restricted to NFL Network+ streaming service. I mean how the heck do you watch a pro day on a phone! Again, though we can hope that the actual NFL Network provides a few more snippets live. Of course, Alabama is not the only program to hold its pro day tomorrow on what appears to be the single busiest day on the circuit. Indeed, in addition to Alabama there will be pro days at Utah, Wisconsin, Nebraska, California, Cincinnati, and Virginia Tech among the dozen-plus schools working out tomorrow.