Pro day sched set to kick-off

March 7, 2023

Pro day sched set to kick-off … After a day to get a fresh set of clothes, scouts around the NFL will be back on the road as the annual pro day circuit gets underway with workouts planned for Indiana and Southern Utah. However, things don’t get really interesting until next week when national champion Georgia works out on March 15th, while Michigan goes on the 17th. Then the following week Ohio State works out on the 22nd and Alabama a day later on the 23rd. The busiest week of the year, though, appears to be the last week in March. On the 29th, for example, LSU and Notre Dame will hold their pro days, along with at least a half dozen other major programs, while Tennessee, Oklahoma, Florida and TCU will highlight the program on the 30th. Here is the full schedule as we have it at this time.